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Paper Pilot Written by Juliette Cezzar, Introduction by Andy Spade
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Paper Pilot: The Paper Airplane Pilot's Manual

Written by Juliette Cezzar, Introduction by Andy Spade

  • April 24, 2007
  • Trade Paperback
  • Crafts & Hobbies - Papercrafts
  • Universe
  • 8 x 10
  • $25.00
  • $30.00
  • 978-0-7893-1535-9

About This Book

Packed with colorful photographs and illustrations, historical facts about famous aircraft, and nostalgic looks at the eternally popular pastime of model plane building, Paper Pilot is aviation history, coffee table cool, and paper plane kit all rolled into one fun package. Experience the majesty of flying your own paper F-15 Eagle, and witness the magic lift of the P-38 Lightning. Build 24 beautifully scaled paper models of the finest and most distinctive planes and jets ever produced. Paper Pilot features 24 paper airplane projects ready for takeoff. Home aviators can select from 12 folded airplane projects printed on the perforated pages, and 12 complex die-cut airplane models ready to be punched out and assembled with glue. With carefully compiled step-by-step instructions, these sleek aircraft can be airborne in no time. With a four-page foldout runway, the aircraft even have a place to takeoff and land! This is a fun, nostalgic, and stylish paper plane book for the home aviator.

About the Author

Staff Sergeant Benjamin Haynes served in the United States Air Force for the last eight years, where he prepared for operation: Paper Pilot. Now based in Brooklyn, Haynes is an artist for éditions aero-Dynamiques. Andy Spade has been building model airplanes since he was six years old. Today he oversees his SoHo emporium of the Jack Spade line of industrial products and messenger bags for guys.

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