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The Big Book of Dinosaurs Edited by David Norman
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The Big Book of Dinosaurs

Edited by David Norman

  • May 1, 2001
  • Hardcover
  • Juvenile Nonfiction - Animals - Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures
  • Welcome Books
  • 8-5/8 x 11-1/4
  • $29.95
  • $0.00
  • 978-0-941807-48-7

About This Book

How would a protoceratops defend itself against a pack of hungry velociraptors? Which dinosaur had the biggest skull? The longest tail? With the huge 448-page The Big Book of Dinosaurs you can uncover every trace of information--from facts an figures to 3-D illustrations--that an aspiring palentologist could ever hope to find.

Ideal for both school and home, the easy-to-understand text and hundreds of full-color illustrations paint a fascinating picture of the lives of dinosaurs--their appearance, their behavior, and their environments.

This book includes all these great features:

An in-depth profile of hundreds of the most popular dinosaurs.

Dozens of spreads describing the world when dinosaurs ruled.

Dozens of pages focusing on the different features of dinosaurs.

More than 30 comic book-style pages showing dinosaur discoveries or a day in the life of various dinosaurs.

A gallery of 3-D dino-action sacenes and the 3-D glasses to view them.

Hundreds of dinosaur facts and quizzes to tesl your knowledge.

About the Author

David Norman is the Director of the Sedwick Museum of Geology at Cambridge University and the author of several books on dinosaurs including Dinosaur!, Prehistoric Life, and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs.

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