Out of the Closet and Onto the Streets Written by Bruce Poli, Edited by Rosa Maria Falvo, Photographed by Suzanne Poli
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Out of the Closet and Onto the Streets: Gay Pride and the 21st Century

Written by Bruce Poli, Edited by Rosa Maria Falvo, Photographed by Suzanne Poli

  • October 3, 2017
  • Hardcover
  • Photography - Subjects & Themes - Lifestyles
  • Skira
  • 8-1/2 x 12-1/3
  • $60.00
  • $80.00
  • 978-88-572-1529-7

About This Book

The first comprehensive photo documentation of the gay pride movement in New York City from the Stonewall uprising to the present day. The Stonewall riots that occurred in New York City in 1969 are frequently cited as the first instance in American history when people in the homosexual community fought back against a system that persecuted sexual minorities. They have become the defining event that marked the start of the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world. Suzanne Poli, a Brooklyn native, witnessed the riots and has documented decades of gay pride parades in New York since 1970. This book showcases Suzanne Poli’s photographs: more than 120 color and black-and-white plates illustrating the gay rights movement as an artistic, social, and political force within New York City. It provides a unique interpretative angle into a reality that is often misunderstood by the wider community. The images provide "on-the-street" insight, exploring the emotional and social topography of a decidedly personal, sexual, social, local, and global phenomenon.

About the Author

Rosa Maria Falvo is a writer and curator, as well as Skira’s international commission editor, specializing in contemporary art and photography. Suzanne Poli is a respected fine arts and editorial photographer based in New York City. Bruce Poli is a creative marketing director and freelance writer. He has written for the New York Times, Popular Photography, and Photo Design, and he collaborates regularly with various arts and nonprofit organizations in New York.

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