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The Pop-up Book of Ships

The Pop-Up Book of Ships is a dynamic, informative pop-up book surveying the history of maritime invention and exploration. The book is a dramatic pop-up journey into the world’s maritime past, presenting various maritime cultural innovations. From the early explorers such as the Santa Maria to the famous Mayflower; from marauding pirate ships to frigates like the Bonhomme Richard and the USS Constitution; from a quaint Mississippi riverboat to the luxurious SS Normandie ocean liner and a superbly crafted America’s Cup yacht; from impressive aircraft carriers such as the Intrepid or the Enterprise to the most advanced nuclear submarine. Readers will learn about the HMS Victory, labeled a "first-rate ship," a designation that was used as early as the eighteenth century by the British Royal Navy for its largest ships mounting 100 guns or more; or that unlike a traditional square-rigged ship, the sails of a Chinese junk can be moved toward the long axis of the ship, allowing a junk to sail into the wind, to name only two. The Pop-Up Book of Ships presents a vibrant history of some of the world’s greatest maritime adventures. Colorful, informative, and fun, it adeptly showcases maritime adventure and the lure of the sea, and is a fascinating book for sailors and seamen of all ages, as well as those with an interest in ship history.

About The Author

David Hawcock is a renowned paper engineer devoted to the design and production of highly-creative and original pop-up art and three-dimensional paper-engineered concepts. His pop-up titles include New York Pop-Up Book; The Renaissance Art Pop-Up Book; The Pop-Up Book Book of Ships; Dracula: A Classic Pop-Up Tale; and Frankenstein: A Classic Pop-Up Tale.

Eric Kentley is a freelance writer and has a PhD in social anthropology. He joined the National Maritime Museum in 1981, and during his 16-year tenure held a number of posts, including ethnographer, head of ship technology, corporate planner, and head of exhibitions. His credits include The Pop-Up Book of Ships; Eyewitness: Boat; and Discover the Titanic.

  • Publish Date: September 13, 2011
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: Juvenile Nonfiction - Transportation - Boats, Ships & Underwater Craft
  • Publisher: Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books
  • US Price: $14.98
  • CDN Price: $16.98
  • ISBN: 978-0-7893-2408-5

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