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100 Documents That Changed the World: From the Magna Carta to Wikileaks

A tour of the history of the world through the declarations, manifestos, and agreements from the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence to Wikileaks. This fascinating collection gathers the most significant written documents that have influenced and shaped the way we think about the world and the course of history. From the Magna Carta (1215) to the Gettysburg Address (1863) to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech (1963), the documents showcased here chart dramatic high points of world history.  
In addition to official charters and famous treaties, there are also less well known yet nonetheless interesting items included, such as the Apollo flight plan, Apple’s 1976 incorporation documents, and the check with which the U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia. Equally interesting are Watson and Crick’s scrawled notes leading to the discovery of DNA, Darwin’s journal, and the annotated manuscripts for Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams and Orwell’s novel 1984. 
Beautifully illustrated in full color, this book not only informs but also entertains as it demonstrates how the power of the written word has shaped, changed, enhanced, and even revolutionized the world.

About The Author

Scott Christianson is an award-winning author of many distinguished nonfiction books, including 100 Diagrams That Changed the World, The Last Gasp: The Rise and Fall of the American Gas Chamber, and Freeing Charles: The Struggle to Free a Slave on the Eve of the Civil War.

  • Publish Date: November 10, 2015
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: History - World
  • Publisher: Universe
  • Trim Size: 7-1/4 x 9-1/8
  • Pages: 224
  • US Price: $29.95
  • CDN Price: $29.95
  • ISBN: 978-0-7893-2936-3


"100 Documents That Changed the World distinguishes itself by its breadth of selections from every realm of the historical record; political, religious, polemical, scientific, and pop culture, from East and West."

"This intriguing book is perfect for dipping into and out of at random. Flip to any page and happen upon the Louisian Purchase, Kama Sutra, the Journal of Magellan's Voyage, Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams or Apollo 11's Flight Plan. The global book spans civilizations, centiruies, empires and geography and touches upon culture, politics, history, science, philosophy and religion, using precious documents as the jumping-off point."

"ONE hundred of the most significant documents in human history, dating from 2800 BC to 2011 AD, are presented in this beautifully illustrated and well-written book." 

"This marvelous history book brings a hundred momentous human achievements to light by highlighting the means of their documentation. Be transported back to the moments in which Martin Luther, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, and the creators of the Gregorian Calendar and the Edict of Worms changed everything. Illustrations and photos enhance these historical essays, providing a museum-like experience."

"Reading 100 Documents That Changed the World is an enjoyable experience. . . 100 Documents is presented in an interesting manner and invites the reader to learn more about these documents, which encompass many of the political, economical, social, religious, intellectual, cultural, psychological, scientific, military, and diplomatic events that have shaped mankind's destiny." 

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