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Veruschka : From Vera to Veruschka

Capturing the romance and beauty of la dolce vita, this volume features intimate and rare moments of Veruschka, the iconic face of 1960s glamour, from the forgotten and unpublished photographic archive of Johnny Moncada. When fashion photographer Johnny Moncada unlocked a trunk he had left sealed for forty years, he and his daughter discovered ten thousand of his unpublished negatives. They revealed the world of 1960s Italian fashion in all its languid glamour, personified by the iconic Veruschka. In three thousand images, Moncada captured the German-born model in both beautifully staged and informal poses. A selection of these photographs is presented in this lavish volume. They were taken over the course of a year in Rome, including seaside shoots in Capri, Sardinia, and other locales of la dolce vita. While serving as an invaluable source of inspiration to aficionados of 1960s style, Moncada's work also presents a rare glimpse of a young woman, known to friends as Vera, transforming in front of the camera into the image of perfection that we know as Veruschka.

About The Author

Veruschka is the legendary German model, actress, and artist. She appeared in Antonioni's Blow Up. Johnny Moncada (1928-2011) worked with the most important models of his time and was published in Italian Vogue, Linea Italiana, and Harper's Bazaar. Antonio Monfreda is a world-renowned art director based in Rome. Hamish Bowles is the European editor-at-large for Vogue and is recognized as one of the most respected authorities on the worlds of fashion and design. Valentina Moncada, Johnny Moncada's daughter, is a respected author and contemporary art curator and dealer based in Rome.

  • Publish Date: March 18, 2014
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: Design - Fashion & Accessories
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Trim Size: 11 x 14-3/4
  • Pages: 160
  • US Price: $75.00
  • CDN Price: $75.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-8478-4226-1


"...compiled in Veruschka...present a rare glimpse of the blooking Vera, who would transform into the Amazonian icon of style known as Veruschka." -Quest

Veruschka captures the transformative moment in Veruschka’s career as a developing model, on the cusp of her entrée into the fashion vernacular…the lush compilation of images provide an intimate look in the emergence of an icon.” –Interview Magazine
“Taken in Rome, Capri and Sardinia, they show off a more coltish edition of the great model’s beauty than has been seen before, along with the innovative Italian fashion of the time with its imaginative sculptured details.” -WWD

"...never-before-seen images of the six-foot stunner..." -Elle

“In this lavish volume, the six-foot preternaturally long-limbed blonde..reveals her nascent talent for transformation.” –W Magazine
"[These images] bring to life a world rarely presented with such precision and clarity." -New York Times

"We can’t get enough of these images." -Brilliant Magazine

"If you love the 1960′s pop culture, you’ll love this. The 1960’s supermodel Verushcka was not always the famous, iconic model, actress and artist she is today. Veruschka was once Vera; a fresh-eyed, excited new German model...professional and informal poses provide irreplaceable information on 1960’s glamorous fashion and culture. These photos give a glimpse into the transformation of Vera to legendary Amazonian model Veruschka, right before the Moncada’s eyes. We can’t get enough of these images...never before seen precious photos will be sold in a lavish hardcover." -Society Diaries

"For all of the ways in which Moncada situates Veruschka among recognizable life in these pictures, whether people or nature, stray cats or chickens, his aim is not to normalize her, which would be a betrayal of her command as a performer, a mealy-mouthed capitulation to self-esteem and “the real,” that which we currently allow to rule our appreciation of beauty. Veruschka rules the settings of these photos..." -Los Angeles Review of Books

"Veruschka is a showcase for some very modern-looking sixties Italian fashions, Florence and Sardinia when they were still mostly undiscovered, and—above all—the transformation of Von Lehndorff from an angular young ingenue into the icon who would later entrance photographers like Avedon and directors like Antonioni." –

"...a vision of Vera just before she became Veruschka..." -Dujour

"Moncada had captured the German-born model in three thousand professional and informal poses, and a selection of these photographs is presented in this lavish volume Veruschka – From Vera to Veruschka Taken over the course of a year in Rome, plus seaside shoots in Capri, Sardinia, and other locales of la dolce vita, these images serve as an invaluable source of inspiration to aficionados of 1960s style, and also present a rare glimpse of the soon-to-be legendary model, transforming in front of Moncada’s camera into the icon that we came to know simply as Veruschka." -Life and Times
“Thousands of beautiful photos were taken, never developed, and sealed away in his trunk. Until now in a new book from Rizzoli New York. We can’t get enough of these...never-before-seen precious photos [will be] sold in a lavish hardcover edition.” –Brilliant Magazine

"Through the forgotten photographs in Veruschka: From Vera to Veruschka, Moncada provides an intimate look at iconic model Veruschka, the face of 1960s glamour." -American Salon

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