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  • 152 Non-Sad Lunches You Can Make in 5 Minutes

    Say goodbye to sad sandwiches and unhealthy lunches with these 152 delicious recipes! There is nothing sadder than a sad desk lunch. But who has the time or…

    December 2022 Trade Paperback $26.95 978-1-922754-07-3 Smith Street Books

  • 28 Days to Gut Health

    A twenty-eight-day plan for starting a diet that nourishes your gut’s microbiome. Our physical and mental well-being is closely connected to our gut. With this book, take a…

    December 2022 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-922754-15-8 Smith Street Books

  • A Beginner's Guide to Astrology

    A beginner’s guide to harnessing the night skies, with everything you need to know to begin practicing astrology. The ancient art of astrology interprets the stars and planets…

    February 2023 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-922754-24-0 Smith Street Books

  • The Journey

    The Journey is a deck for life’s uncertain moments. A friendly guide and sacred space for your own magnificent journey. You are here, right on time and just…

    October 2022 Non-traditional book $24.95 978-1-922417-99-2 Smith Street Gift