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The Bucket List: Beer: 1000 Adventures · Pubs · Breweries · Festivals

An indispensable globe-spanning bucket list for beer lovers, with 1,000 ideas for exploring the world’s best beer destinations and experiences

A worldwide guide to the best bars, brewery tours, museums, festivals, the original Oktoberfest, and other incredible travel itineraries for beer aficionados

Whether you're planning a pub crawl, a weekend in the country, or a longer vacation, this lively curated guide to beer-related travel is an exhaustive compendium of hundreds of the world’s breweries both large and small where you can go hoist a pint, from the seasoned long-standing spots to the freshly minted newcomers to the brewery scene.

Liberally illustrated with over 250 atmospheric photos plus reproductions of beer labels, craft beer fans will build a great list of addresses to go bend an elbow:

• The gleaming modern taprooms of the Pacific Northwest 
• Atmospheric English pubs across the UK
• Iconic breweries including San Francisco's Anchor Steam and the Czech Republic's original Pilsner
• Boisterous festivals from Munich's Oktoberfest to Denver's Great American Beer
• A pub crawl in Dublin where you can hoist a Guinness at James Joyce's favorite pub
• Top Ten lists of the best drinking spots in cities around the globe

Each listing covers tour and tasting information along with an in-depth look at approaches to brewing, philosophies about flavors and ingredients, and what makes a beer special.

This is the perfect gift for beer lovers—even if that’s you!— to build their dream itinerary of where to visit, when to go, what to drink, and everything in between.

About The Author

Justin Kennedy is the author of The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer. Based in Brooklyn, he has written for Lucky Peach, Saveur, Bloomberg, Tasting Table, and The New York Post and produces Beer Sessions Radio on Heritage Radio Network and a podcast, Steal This Beer.

  • Publish Date: October 22, 2019
  • Format: Hardcover
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  • Publisher: Universe
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