Picasso The Mediterranean Years 1945-1962: The Mediterranean Years 1945-1962

The catalog to an international art sensation – a once in a lifetime event of Picasso’s most prolific creative period – show opening at the Gagosian Gallery in London, June 2010.  This volume features 3 single and 4 double gatefold illustrations and includes a detachable 23-page booklet of Picasso’s pencil and ink drawings.
During the decade after the end of World War II Picasso began to spend more and more time in the Cote d’Azur where he began drawing on the Mediterranean sources that had inspired him in earlier years. Picasso’s return to the south marked a return to a family life as well – which in turn inspired him in the studio. In the 1950s his sculpture work evolved and he expanded into ceramics, lithography, printing and graphic design techniques. This latest Picasso exhibition from the Gagosian Gallery features a more private side to these prolific years – a dazzling coming together paintings, sculptures, prints and ceramics – many provided by of the pieces by Picasso’s grandson, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso and curated by Mr. Ruiz-Picasso and Picasso’s acclaimed biographer, Sir John Richardson.
This is certain to garner as much press attention as Gagosian’s “must see” Picasso Mosqueteros exhibition in 2009.

About The Author

John Richardson is Picasso's acclaimed biographer.  He was the curator for Gagosian Gallery's 2009 acclaimed exhibition, Picasso: Mosqueteros

Elizabeth Cowling
is an honorary fellow at the University of Edinburgh. 

Claude Arnaud
is a French writer and acclaimed biographer of Jean Cocteau.

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