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Rhapsody: Kelly Wearstler

Design trendsetter Kelly Wearstler shares her inspirations, inviting readers into the creation of her opulent interiors. Celebrated for luxurious interiors that capture the swankiness of old-world Hollywood with a modern pop sensibility, Wearstler is known for her decadent designs of residences and boutique hotels, such as the line of Viceroys and the tastemakers Maison 140 and Avalon. Her ornate interiors are distinctive for layers of bold textures, patterns, and rich colors juxtaposed with lustrous surfaces, adding up to a whimsical and elegant look that has been called "mod baroque." This volume offers a look into Wearstler’s glamorous world, profiling in detail her latest residential designs (previously unpublished) and her sumptuous new hotels, as well as her creative process. The book also follows the designer—known for her striking personal style—behind the scenes to watch her at work, creating sculpture at her metal foundry or shopping at auction houses, to reveal the myriad inspirations that fuel Wearstler’s imagination and her dazzling design work. With beautiful images of many never-before-photographed interiors, Kelly Wearstler: Chromatic Rhapsody is an inspirational look at one of the most irreverent and fascinating designers working today, celebrating the breadth of her creations.

About The Author

Kelly Wearstler’s interior design work has been profiled in magazines such as Elle Decor, Vogue, House and Garden, House Beautiful, and The New Yorker. She has debuted a new ready-to-wear and accessories line and recently opened a flagship boutique in Los Angeles.

  • Publish Date: October 23, 2012
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: House & Home - Decorating & Furnishings
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Trim Size: 9 x 12
  • Pages: 256
  • US Price: $55.00
  • CDN Price: $55.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-8478-3858-5


 "With stunning images of Wearstler’s never-before-photographed interiors, Rhapsody: Kelly Wearstler is an inspirational look at one of the most irreverent and fascinating designers working today."

"The book and her work is interesting on every page. Even when it scares me a little bit, which it does a few times in Rhapsody. The book is about contrasts and balance, the raw vs. the refined, graphic lines vs. sensuality, minimalist organic modernist vs. the gaudy luxury of the 80s, it’s about simplicity vs. explosive complexity, sleekness vs. layered texture." ~sketch 24

"This latest book follows the trendsetter behind the scenes, from creating sculpture at her metal foundry to revealing the myriad inspirations that fuel her dazzling residential and hotel designs." ~Daily News Los Angeles

"...the book has a lot eye-candy for Kelly’s fans. Everything we love about her vibe: daring scale interplay, brave color mixes and curious vintage finds. Did I mention a LOT of creative inspiration?" ~Design Apothecary

"Rather than playing it safe with the usual suspects like Belgian linen and mahogany, she favors textured skins, loads of leather, tough metals and exotic stones. The projects featured in her book—all previously unpublished—share a refreshing libidinous quality." ~Wall Street Journal

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