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Jeffrey Bilhuber: American Master

In his latest book, Jeffrey Bilhuber distills thirty years of expertise and creative inspiration designing beautiful and brilliantly modern rooms. Presenting a diverse range of decorator’s most recent and important work from around the country, the book is centered around 30 signature statements by Bilhuberpithy and insightful bedrock principles and axioms that have fueled designer’s process. Rounding out these statements Sara Ruffin Costello, the highly regarded writer and editor, sheds light on Bilhuber’s inimitable style through charming anecdotes and bright, rich descriptions, revealing a decorator at the top of his profession.
Anchoring the ideas that drive each project, the statements represent different angles from which to appreciate the decorator’s vision and mastery of his craft. Some are broad and philosophical: “What’s liberating is to be fearless”  and “Modernity is not about a new material, it’s about how you navigate your way through the world.”And others, specific and practical:“It’s easy to get white wrong. It takes talent to get it right” and “It’s powerfully important to sit at the table and talk to each other.” Capturing the breadth and beauty of Bilhuber’s work in city townhouses and rambling country houses throughout the country in New York City, Palm Beach, Aspen, and San Francisco, each project reveals itself to be a standard-bearer of great style, reflecting the decorator’s optimistic and classically informed point of view.

About The Author

Since the founding of his eponymous firm, Jeffrey Bilhuber’s high-profile clients have entrusted him to bring beauty and comfort into their lives and residences. His work has been published in every major national and international shelter magazine, and he has been a featured guest on a wide variety of television shows, including Charlie Rose, The View, and Conan O’Brien. His successful first book, Jeffrey Bilhuber Design Basics, also by Rizzoli, is now in its fifth printing. Sara Ruffin Costello was the Founding Creative Director of Domino, and contributes to the New York Times T Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Travel and Leisure, and Vogue. William Abranowicz is a world-renowned photographer and artist who has been featured in all of the major home and interior design publications. Mariska Hargitay is an award-winning actress, best known for her role on NBC's TV drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

  • Publish Date: October 20, 2015
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: House & Home - Decorating & Furnishings
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Trim Size: 10 x 12
  • Pages: 272
  • US Price: $65.00
  • CDN Price: $65.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-8478-4596-5


"There is an irresistible American harmony in [Bilhuber's] creations. It takes a fine eye to gather loud contemporary furniture with quietly thoughtful antique pieces, flirty prints with playful needlepoint, the perfectly preserved with the well-loved and well-used. The resulting rooms have a convivial atmosphere, where furnishings converse and welcome carefully chosen newcomers. . . No party happens twice, and each Bilhuber room is a one-off, client wishes filtered through his fertile imagination, an understanding of modern lifestyles the driving force behind every decision."

"Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber feels his client is critical to a room's success and its staying power. In Bilhuber's own rooms, his genius is evident. His hand is in everything. Circling back to his maxim: 'It's liberating to be fearless,' his rooms are certainly that and never so evident as in his New York apartment with its Gilded Age elegance, belle Epoque glamour, Victorian sentiment, and present day precision, all evoking the catalysts Bilhuber adores, and masters." 

"It's not very common that decorating books actually motivate you to read. However, this book is a stunning exception. . . Bilhuber is an amazing decorator, and his effusive designs are incredibly welcoming. . . I'll be keeping [Jeffrey Bilhuber: American Master] close at hand for design inspiration. What could be better than a book that galvanizes your creative spirit?"

"The title couldn't be a better moniker, as Bilhuber truly is an American Master, creating remarkable, seemingly effortless, timeless interiors for over 30-years . . . [Jeffrey Bilhuber: American Master] features eight homes from around the country . . .  From large Manhattan townhouses, to rambling country houses, to compact apartments off Park Avenue, the rooms all have Jeffrey's unmistakable finishing touch."
- NiagaraNovice Blog

"When looking for decorating books to inspire, or even to assemble on the tabletops of our enthusiastic decorating friends and clients, we’re sure to include a book by Jeffrey Bilhuber. He is a master of assembling daring color combinations. His latest book, American Master, has just been published by Rizzoli, and we suggest you add it to your collection A.S.A.P!"
-McGrath II Blog

"[Jeffrey Bilhuber] invites us on a tour of some of his most stunning projects, ranging from New York City and Palm Beach to Aspen, and San Francisco. From city townhouses and country homes to a Federalist stone home and Bilhuber’s own Manhattan apartment and Locust Valley residence known as “Hay Fever”, this collection shows his diversity, as well as his genius with color combinations (e.g. blue cornicing with fuchsia wallpaper), show stopping curtains and layers of pattern."

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