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James Beard's All-American Eats: Recipes and Stories from Our Best-Loved Local Restaurants

The renowned James Beard Foundation chooses the greatest of America’s homegrown eateries and presents recipes for their craveworthy foods. Every town has one: a humble restaurant serving up soul-satisfying food, a place that pulls the whole community together. Maybe it’s in a cinderblock shack or a clapboard house, but it’s the kind of place you take for granted—until you leave town and an uncontrollable craving takes over. These are America’s Classics—local eateries recognized by the James Beard Foundation as timeless institutions within their communities. This cookbook brings together eighty of their recipes so the home cook can re-create such regional favorites as St. Elmo’s Crab Mac and Cheese, The Shed’s Red Chile Enchiladas, Aunt Carrie’s Indian Pudding, Bowens Island Frogmore Stew, Totonno’s White Clam Pizza, Camp Washington’s Cincinnati Chili, and Gott’s Roadside Cheeseburger (with the secret sauce!). Just as good as the food are the inspiring tales behind these mom-and-pops, told in oral histories: how an immigrant grandfather turned an heirloom dish into a booming business, or how a vengeful lover’s recipe for spicy fried chicken earned a cult following. James Beard's All-American Eats is a tribute to the local treasures and unsung heroes of true American cooking, as well as a collection of recipes for craveable classic dishes.

About The Author

The James Beard Foundation is America’s most prestigious culinary organization, with a mission to celebrate, nurture, and honor the country’s diverse culinary heritage through programs that educate and inspire. A cookbook author and teacher, James Beard was a champion of American cuisine who helped educate and mentor generations of professional chefs and food enthusiasts.

Andrew Zimmern is an author and the host of the Travel Channel’s hit shows, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods America.

  • Publish Date: February 08, 2016
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: Cooking - Individual Chefs & Restaurants
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Trim Size: 7-15/16 x 10
  • Pages: 272
  • US Price: $40.00
  • CDN Price: $40.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-8478-4746-4


“You hold in your hand some great food, and some even better stories.”
Andrew Zimmern, host, Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods
“This tome of mouthwatering classic recipes beautifully celebrates the history and the diversity of quintessential American dishes.”
Carla Hall, chef, author, and co-host of The Chew

“This wonderful collection of America’s Classics award winners is so true to James Beard’s spirit, and shows the deep affection and respect we all share for hard-working mom-and-pop cooks.”
Ted Allen, JBF Award–winning host, Food Network’s Chopped
“We were lucky enough to have spent time with James Beard who was a passionate advocate of the food of this nation in an era when the press wrote only about the cooking of France and Italy. Jim encouraged our earliest Roadfood adventures, and we know that this handsome book would have made him smile. It is a perfect homage to American food at its best.”
Jane and Michael Stern, authors of Roadfood

"Want to know which restaurant serves the best brisket in America? Better yet, want to know how to make that brisket? Come along as we explore the stories and recipes culled from the best-loved restaurants across the United States in James Beard’s All-American Eats. . .The variety of recipes and tips shared in James Beard’s All-American Eats will entice any level of cook. It’s a worthwhile culinary adventure." 

"If you’re like us and you plan your vacations around the best po’ boys in New Orleans or green chile cheeseburgers in Santa Fe, then this is the book for you. The James Beard Foundation, which basically gives out the Pulitzers of the food world, has a special award for classic American eateries, which showcase the best of our regional culinary traditions. And if we can’t visit them all in person, having their favorite recipes is a pretty good consolation prize."

"James Beard’s All-American Eats is an amazing introduction to America’s vernacular cuisine and restaurants which have honored by the James Beard Foundation. Not many people can visit all of these vernacular restaurants and enjoy food but James Beard’s All-American Eats makes it possible for you to cook those delicious recipes in your kitchen. You will love this cookbook as much as you love international and vernacular cuisine."

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