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Calvin Klein

This book is published with three unique covers.  Customers will receive one of the covers at random when they purchase the book.

This magnificent survey is the first and only book that Klein has written and compiled himself and is illustrated with era-defining photographs by the most distinguished names in fashion photography, from Irving Penn and Richard Avedon to Bruce Weber, and Patrick Demarchelier—among others. In it, the world’s most iconic models like Christy Turlington and Kate Moss, are captured in images that would define their careers, and remain indelible to the consumer. Accompanied by private insights and behind-the-scenes stories that only he could tell, every image has been chosen by Calvin Klein to narrate his evolution as a designer—from couture to jeans, underwear, and fragrance—all categories in which he redefined what was chic and essential. 

As an icon of minimalism, modernism, sexual provocation, and androgyny, Calvin Klein’s first book will find broad appeal with anyone interested in design, fashion, or photography. Few names in fashion are as recognizable as that of Calvin Klein.

This unique book presents a stunning archive of images that reveal his timeless influence as a designer. From founding the company in New York in 1968, he went on to change the face of fashion, bringing his visionary minimalism to the fore and defining looks for generations. Divided by theme, with characteristic simplicity and sophistication, each of the three sections in this volume looks at one singular element of Klein’s approach. In Provocative, we see the most controversial of his campaigns, from Brooke Shields’s infamous teenage portraits to the seductive photography of underwear collections. In Minimalist, we understand the simplicity, refinement, and elegance in every collection. And in the final section, we read in the designer’s own words the insights behind the campaigns and the secrets behind the successes.

About The Author

Calvin Klein is an American fashion designer. He founded his own company in 1968 and went on to turn the label into one of the most recognizable and successful fashion brands in the world. This is his story told for the first time.

  • Publish Date: October 10, 2017
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: Design - Fashion & Accessories
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Trim Size: 11 x 14-3/8
  • Pages: 480
  • US Price: $175.00
  • CDN Price: $235.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-8478-6014-2


"Calvin Klein may no longer head the company that bears his name, but in a glorious new monograph he shares memories and images from the early days. With pictures by Irving Penn and Richard Avedon, it would look good on any coffee table or (giant) shelf."
The New York Times, Holiday Gift Guide

"a 420-page tome of self-reflection and evaluation, his first major self-reflective project since his retirement."
Women's Wear Daily

"Holiday Gift Guide: The famed designer Calvin Klein released his first book with 3 distinctive covers and it is chock-full of the ground-breaking imagery, ad campaigns, and slip dresses the label is known for."
W Magazine

"Fashion’s enduring icon provides access into his world for the very first time in this hefty tome packed with photos from iconic names like Bruce Weber, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Divided into three sections addressing singular elements of his work – Rebellious (remember the groundbreaking Brooke Shields ad?), Minimal and, finally, Stories in which Klein opens up about his youth and vision. Proceeds benefit God’s Love We Deliver."
Indulge Magazine

"Nicknamed Calvin Clean for his sleek designs, this volume presents a stunning archive of images that reveal his timeless influence as a designer, as well as the ground he broke with romantic, rebellious, sexually charged advertising campaigns the likes of which had never been seen before"
Society Diaries

"New Book Presents Archive of Calvin Klein’s Influence"
Real Clear Life

"This large tome by the legendary American designer is required reading for any fashion junkie."
CR Fashion Book

"Sometimes the greatest sign of a genius comes when the industry has swung so far in their direction, a modern viewer cannot discern what was so revolutionary in the first place about the artist’s work. That’s very much the case with this first survey done by Klein of his own work. His vision for fashion and American life completely won. The second big observation? The man thought a lot about sex." 

"Consider this book an incredibly comprehensive look at the designer's work from 1968 on. Headline-making ads through the years that sparked heated debates over sexuality in advertising are laid out in chronological order. While the book is R-rated, it's a welcome walk down memory lane."
Hollywood Reporter 

"American designer Calvin Klein’s eponymous (and first-ever) book reflects on his most career-defining moments in 480 pages of black-and-white photographs by the world’s most distinguished photographers (Patrick Demarchelier, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon) and most recognizable faces (Kate Moss and Christy Turlington among them)."

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