Tina Barney

Covering three decades of the artist’s provocative yet intimate large-scale color images capturing the domestic life and private moments of the American and European elite—her family and friends—this book will appeal to contemporary-art lovers, photography book collectors, and anyone
with an interest in modern culture.
Internationally acclaimed American artist Tina Barney burst on the scene in the early 1980s with her provocative yet intimate photographs capturing the domestic lives and social rituals of the elite. In choosing color over black and white and producing large-format prints, she broke the tradition of established fine-art photography at the time. Her unstintingly honest portrayal of her subjects, many of whom are family and friends, remains completely original.
Straddling the line between candid and choreographed photography, between engagement and detachment, she captures her subjects in a range of rarefied settings, both private and public. Her iconic tableaux suggest rich narratives or, as she has written, the “synchronization of psychological, emotional, and sociological plots that bind a family together.” Long awaited, this lavish survey is the most definitive book to date on Barney’s work.

About The Author

Tina Barney began her career in the mid-1970s when she started photographing in color with a large-format view camera. Her iconic images are in the permanent collections of numerous institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, among others. Recent solo exhibitions include The Europeans at the Frist Center in Nashville, the Barbican Centre, London, and at the Museum of Art, Salzburg. Peter Galassi is a former chief curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

  • Publish Date: September 19, 2017
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: Photography - Individual Photographers - Monographs
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Trim Size: 11-1/4 x 11-3/4
  • Pages: 240
  • US Price: $100.00
  • CDN Price: $135.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-8478-6036-4


"The career-surveying TINA BARNEY (Rizzoli, $100) lays out her themes: bodies occupying space, bodies and their possessions. Even when her subjects are dwarfed by their tapestries, their furniture, their throw pillows, their sweeping vistas, there is never any ambiguity about the relationship. "
The New York Times Book Review, Luc Sante 

"A stunning, hefty tome that encapsulates Barney’s almost four decades-long career in capturing American life. Her large-scale color photography are already part of the permanent collection of several institutions like the MOMA, the Whitney, and LACMA, and this fitting tribute conveys the scope in the most intimate way possible."
Indulge Magazine

"Now, her stunning, three-decade body of work is assembled in her most comprehensive book to date (Rizzoli, $100), with 150 color photographs divided into six distinct chapters." 

Tina Barney by Peter Galassi is a curated tome of her 43 year career as a chronicler of elite American life. She writes a thoughtful introduction of her childhood in the 50s, which brought on her interest in photography when her grandfather ‘had at least two kinds of cameras hanging around his neck, and they bounced off his fat tummy when he laughed.’ Decades come to an end but Barney’s images define each WASPy period”
 —Duck Goose 

"In the Slim Aarons vein, this volume covers three decades of the artist’s provocative yet intimate large-scale color images capturing the domestic life and private  moments of the American and European elite."
Society Diaries