Interior Design

Arranging Things

New York–based stylist Colin King shares his wisdom and insights for cultivating beauty in our everyday surroundings—composing objects into simple, sophisticated vignettes that enrich our homes and our lives.

We all desire our rooms to look attractive and reflect a considered approach. Now we have the mastery of Colin King to help us elevate our spaces into environments of personal creativity. Image after image, readers will discover how Colin works his magic when arranging objects on coffee tables, mantels, bookshelves, bedside tables, windowsills, and more. Through a series of anecdotes and visual essays, Colin unpacks his intuitive and deeply personal process, meditating on scale, proportion, palette, and texture. It’s not about buying new things, but rather about dusting off old favorites and seeing them with fresh eyes—looking beyond intended use to discover deeper meaning in the everyday. There’s always the element of chance while contemplating new arrangements again and again. Styling, readers will discover, is a metaphor for life and a daily practice to be honed over time.

The go-to stylist for many of the world’s leading brands and publications, Colin King is a regular contributor to Architectural Digest, T, Ark, and Rum magazines. He collaborates regularly with West Elm, Anthropologie, Zara Home, Crate & Barrel, and Roman and Williams Guild and has his own celebrated product lines with Beni Rugs and Menu, with more in the works.

About The Author

Colin King has styled and produced feature stories for major design magazines, in addition to working with renowned brands in the design world as a consultant, stylist, and creator. Sam Cochran is an editor, writer, content creator, manager, and public speaker, having worked for more than ten years as a contributor to Architectural Digest.

  • Publish Date: March 14, 2023
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: House & Home - Decorating & Furnishings
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Trim Size: 9 x 10-1/2
  • Pages: 240
  • US Price: $50.00
  • CDN Price: $67.50
  • ISBN: 978-0-8478-9910-4


"Perfect inspiration for some spring organization, Colin King’s first tome is a visual exploration of the desire for attractive, cohesive spaces. Through anecdotes and essays, he shares his deeply personal process for giving items a new purposeful life. A timeless mastery of finding meaning in the everyday, Arranging Things is a gratifying metaphor for life. This gorgeous coffee table display piece demands to be read over and over again." —ARTFUL LIVING 

"For King, who has been content working behind the scenes, the book is not only a chance to showcase some of his best work but also a way to unpack a process that, for him, has always been both mysterious and intuitive. A big part of the joy in King’s work — and something readily apparent when flipping through “Arranging Things” — is its deceptive simplicity. The book is filled with images of finely wrought objects (glassware, lamps, bits of pottery, soft upholstered edges) paired with roughly hewn tables and brutalist blocks of stone, marble, or wood." —DEPARTURES

"Stylist and artistic director Colin King knows you don’t always need grand gestures to have a powerful impact. The interiors he crafts in collaboration with Athena Calderone, Roman & Williams, and The Future Perfect delicately balance artful elements with serene surroundings, while his product designs for Beni Rugs and Menu gently whisper luxury with their graceful forms and muted colors. Now, in his first collection with Troy Lighting, King has created 16 styles of pendent, floor, and table lamps that combine sophisticated shapes with soigné details. 'This collection is an artful study in material, form, and function,' says King, who is also releasing his first book, Arranging Things (Rizzoli) in March." —GALERIE MAGAZINE

"New York-based stylist King explores the importance of composition, scale and proportion when creating vignettes around the home. Through a series of anecdotes and visual essays, he explains his process for cultivating beauty in our everyday surroundings and reminds readers that styling is not about buying new things but rather, it’s about seeing old favorites with fresh eyes." —DESIGN NEW JERSEY

"The work of a stylist is really making art out of relationships — between shapes, textures, materials, and colors — in a way that’s satisfying to see. In just a few years, Colin King has become a stylist who continues to surprise us with his instincts, styling minimalist yet still visually rich interiors for clients like Roman and Williams Guild, Architectural Digest, and Anthropologie. Despite working with big brands, King’s approach is remarkably accessible and sustainable, and his book is a guide to looking at your own belongings with a fresh perspective." —CURBED NY

“Colin King, who styles spaces for major names like Roman and Williams Guild, is a master at artfully placing furniture and objects. His Rizzoli book, Arranging Things, written with Architectural Digest’s Sam Cochran, delves deep inside his process of composing everything from coffee tables and bookshelves to windowsill. It may also inspire readers to visually craft their own rooms.” —VOGUE 
“Out now via Rizzoli, Arranging Things explores the magic of arranging and rearranging objects within your home, forming artistic vignettes that transcend the mundane. Above all, Colin adds that he didn’t want the book to offer a series of prescriptive tips but rather serve as inspiration for the reader to experiment with creating moments of beauty that feel personal and special to them: “I wanted to share my own experience in working through some of these kinds of concepts and what to pay attention to and what’s worked for me in the past,” he explains. “It really is this trial-and-error moment that, when you arrive at it, it just feels right.” —ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST
“While many may argue that personal style cannot be taught, those with a less natural inclination could stand to pick up a trick or two from the newly released interior design book by Colin King, Arranging Things. The self-taught creative has the ability to realise enviable interiors and settings, and his collaborations include Roman and Williams, Beni Rugs, Menu, Anthropologie and West Elm. Published by Rizzoli and filled with enigmatic rooms, tabletops and environments, King's debut tome distills his recognisable approach to objects and spaces with a simple manifesto: that 'any object can be a thing of beauty'.” —WALLPAPER*
“In his new book, Arranging Things, interior stylist Colin King collected images from his past work, his greatest hits, and even his iPhone to distill them into one highly teachable book that will make you want to stop scrolling and start marking pages with Post-its.” —DOMINO