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A Day in Hong Kong: A Cantonese Cookbook

The best of Hong Kong cuisine, from AM to PM.

A Day in Hong Kong is a culinary journey through one of the world’s most vibrant cities—a place that’s bursting at the seams with incredible food and the people who love to eat it. Experience the city through its most iconic dishes, then recreate your favorites at home.

From bustling wet markets to fine-dining restaurants, this book takes you on a delicious food adventure from breakfast through to dinner, showcasing the diverse tastes and ingredients of Chinese cuisine. Start the day with a traditional Hong Kong breakfast: congee (rice porridge) and yau cha kwai (oil fried bread sticks). As the day progresses, street-eat recipes include Sichuan-style chāo shǒu (wontons), fresh and steaming har gow dim sum (steamed shrimp dumplings), and ngau lam mein (beef brisket noodles). There are plenty of sweets, too, including “pineapple” bread, alongside a cup of HK-style milk tea.

Capture the delicious flavors of Hong Kong at home with 70 recipes and insider tips on where to find the best local eats. A Day in Hong Kong is the ultimate book for food and travel enthusiasts alike.

About The Author

Hong Kong–born chef ArChan Chan adopted her love for food at a young age, watching her grandmother prepare each flavorful meal with a desire to nurture, connect, and share precious moments with family over food. After relocating to Melbourne, Australia, Chan worked in the kitchens of the city’s most iconic restaurants, before being appointed head chef at Ricky & Pinky. She is currently heading the kitchen at Singapore’s LeVeL 33.

  • Publish Date: August 27, 2024
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: Cooking - Regional & Cultural - Chinese
  • Publisher: Smith Street Books
  • Trim Size: 6-5/7 x 9
  • Pages: 208
  • US Price: $29.95
  • CDN Price: $40.00
  • ISBN: 978-1-923049-47-5

Author Bookshelf: ArChan Chan