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French Patisserie: Master Recipes and Techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts

Ferrandi, the French School of Culinary Arts in Paris—dubbed “the Harvard of gastronomy” by Le Monde newspaper­—is the ultimate pastry-making reference. From flaky croissants to paper-thin mille-feuille, and from the chestnut cream–filled Paris-Brest to festive yule logs, this comprehensive book leads aspiring pastry chefs through every step—from basic techniques to Michelin-level desserts. Featuring advice on how to equip your kitchen, and the essential doughs, fillings, and decorations, the book covers everything from quick desserts to holiday specialties and from ice creams and sorbets to chocolates.

Ferrandi, an internationally renowned professional culinary school, offers an intensive course in the art of French pastry making. Written by the school’s experienced teaching team of master pâtissiers and adapted for the home chef, this fully illustrated cookbook provides all of the fundamental techniques and recipes that form the building blocks of the illustrious French dessert tradition, explained step by step in text and images. Practical information is presented in tables, diagrams, and sidebars for handy reference. Easy-to-follow recipes are graded for level of difficulty, allowing readers to develop their skills over time.

Whether you are an amateur home chef or an experienced pâtissier, this patisserie bible provides everything you need to master French pastry making.

About The Author

École Ferrandi cooking school opened in 1920 to train culinary professionals. Internationally renowned for excellence, Ferrandi offers courses of all levels to students from France and abroad, including master classes taught by celebrated Michelin-starred chefs. Pierre Hermé, Joël Robuchon, Thierry Marx, Eric Frechon, and Michel Roth actively support the school. 
Rina Nurra is a culinary photographer whose work has been published in several books and magazines.

  • Publish Date: November 14, 2017
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: Cooking - Courses & Dishes - Desserts
  • Publisher: Flammarion
  • Trim Size: 10 x 11-3/4
  • Pages: 656
  • US Price: $60.00
  • CDN Price: $80.00
  • ISBN: 978-2-08-020318-2


"Magnificent. Utterly magnificent.
And important. This is the best pastry book of the 21st century. And that is saying something. The past few years have seen wonderful books by authors like Felder, Pfeiffer, and the Curleys. I relish those earlier books and I will surely consult them. But French Patisserie is simply supreme. If you only have kitchen space or time for one grand French pastry book, then this is book to buy now. You’ll be using this book for decades to come.
This new book comes from the Parisian cooking school Ferrandi. For a century, the school has taught generations from around the world. If you scan this book, you will be thinking about flying to Paris and enrolling. French Patisserie is that tempting.
The book sets a new standard for cookbooks in general and dessert books in particular. . . .
The book has 235 recipes plus a discussion, again with photos, of 1,500 skills and techniques. It’s comprehensive to the ultimate degree. The recipes are presented in 3 levels. Level 1 versions are the traditional and classic ones you expect. Level 2 offer more sophisticated interpretations — still a lemon tart but now with a more artistic top. And Level 3 recipes are contributions here from pastry experts. You will surely salivate at Level 3 and, over time as your confidence builds, you will not be able to resist.

. . . French Patisserie is a superlative book. Beautiful and exciting. Fun and delicious. I expect this book to be my companion for decades to come. Will I make all 235 recipes here? I can only try. And you will too.
This is the perfect cookbook to offer as a holiday book. To friends and to family and surely to yourself."

"…the ultimate pastry bible for those who worship at the altar of croissants and tarts.  This is an amazing work of art, a coffee-table volume of practical information written by the school’s experienced teaching team of master pâtissiers and adapted for the home chef.  This impressive achievement in the culinary art of pâtisserie is the perfect gift for those who love to bake!"

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