Aria d'Italia: Contemporary Italian Lifestyle

Aria d’Italia is a Tod’s brand project that represents the Italy of the present and future through the faces and voices of young talents.

Aria d’Italia celebrates the contemporary Italian lifestyle and its values, highlighting talent and passion for quality in every aspect of life, from the culinary world to art, from social life to the loving care of traditions. The book demonstrates a harmony of action and thought that transcends nationality and can be embraced by all. As artist Costanza Chia, one of the people involved in this research, says, “There is poetry in doing things calmly and carefully: this is the warm Italian touch.”

Exploring eight keywords including Joy, Boldness, Passion, and Heritage, Aria d’Italia tells the personal and professional stories of young artists, entrepreneurs, and artisans who represent the heart of the Italian identity, motivated by an ongoing quest for beauty. These protagonists have been photographed by Guido Taroni in their homes and in the places that best represent their origins.

The title Aria d’Italia is inspired by the eponymous magazine published between 1939 and 1941 by collector Daria Guarnati, which brought together impressive collaborators such as Giò Ponti. With avant-garde taste, Guarnati enhanced Italy’s artistic heritage in all its expressions, from graphics to literature, art to design—and launched the concept of Italian style.

About The Author

Paola Jacobbi is a journalist and writer who has worked as senior editor for Vanity Fair Italia. Guido Taroni is a photographer who has worked with major brands and important Italian and international publishing houses. Stefano Tonchi is a fashion journalist, author, and curator. He held the role of editor-in-chief of W, editor in chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, and fashion creative director for Esquire. He is currently Editorial Director of the Palm Beach based magazine Palmer. Micaela Sessa is a fashion stylist and consultant for fashion magazines and brands.

  • Publish Date: February 07, 2023
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Category: Photography - Subjects & Themes - Lifestyles
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Trim Size: 10-1/4 x 13
  • Pages: 204
  • US Price: $95.00
  • CDN Price: $130.00
  • ISBN: 978-88-918351-4-7


"Featured in the pages of Aria D’Italia are a series of vibrant lifestyle images, captured by Guido Taroni and depicting a cast of smartly Tod’s-clad individuals partaking in games of cards, harvesting fruits and building bouquets of fresh flowers, cooking, and merrymaking over beverages. With words by Paola Jacobbi, the publication also features bits from creative personalities like the owner of boutique hotel La Foleira, Germma Richard, Aldo & Francesco Sersale, the owners of Le Sirenuse, and more." —WHITEWALL

"What defines Italian culture? Is it food? Architecture? Language? Art? In truth, it’s a combination of these things, all embodied by the Italian people—something Tod’s recognizes and celebrates in its new book Aria d’Italia. With such a rich, multi-millennial history, the very idea of “Italianness” has become a complex and organic concept. To pinpoint a beginning would seem, for many, futile. Yet, in convening a curation of Italian creatives—from entrepreneurs to artists to chefs—about the connections they have with their country and the special places they find comfort within its borders, Aria d’Italia synthesizes Italian values down to eight keywords: pleasure, timelessness, imagination, joy, craftsman­ship, passion, heritage, and boldness. Through a series of quotes and visuals, the book, published by Rizzoli and out February 2023, certainly illustrates these eight guiding concepts: bright portraits and landscape photos are inviting and bold, while images of friends gathering and laughing depict an ages-old conviviality. Among them, distinct works of art highlight a sense of dedication to craft."V—L'OFFICIEL USA

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