Architecture : Future Publications

  • MAD Rhapsody

    A seductive vision of the future from the most promising firm in China led by Ma Yansong, an important voice in the new generation of architects.  Conceived and…

    October 2021 Hardcover $75.00 978-0-8478-6962-6

  • OMA NY

    The long-anticipated monograph on OMA New York by Shohei Shigematsu and Jason Long is sure to be the design and architecture book of the season. Presenting more than…

    October 2021 Trade Paperback $95.00 978-0-8478-6920-6

  • Parks of the 21st Century

    We are in the midst of a worldwide golden age of park creation, and featured here are powerfully telling examples at the forefront of this renaissance.  Parks are…

    September 2021 Hardcover $75.00 978-0-8478-7062-2

  • Paul R. Williams

    Over a career spanning six decades, architect Paul Revere Williams came to define what gracious living looked like for the Hollywood elite. Williams mastered an array of architectural…

    October 2021 Hardcover $65.00 978-0-8478-3847-9

  • Synagogues

    The most significant volume on synagogue architecture and design to date—brought to life by a stunning array of newly commissioned and archival photographs.  This visually striking compendium illustrates…

    October 2021 Hardcover $75.00 978-0-8478-6650-2

  • Thomas Jefferson at Monticello

    This visually stunning volume explores Monticello, both house and plantation, with texts that present a current assessment of Jefferson’s cultural contributions to his noteworthy home and the fledgling…

    September 2021 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-8478-6522-2

  • Thomas Proctor

    This book presents several of celebrated architect Thomas Proctor’s California houses, tracing their history, inspiration, and detailed design. This book opens the doors to the Los Angeles homes…

    September 2021 Hardcover $75.00 978-88-918301-4-2

  • A Tuscan Adventure

    The fascinating story behind the revival of an ancient Italian castle and its enduring way of life.   When Charlotte Horton and her family of British bohemians discovered an…

    September 2021 Hardcover $65.00 978-0-8478-6954-1

  • Vaux-le-Vicomte: A Private Invitation

    This comprehensive monograph is an exclusive look inside the château that inspired the design of Versailles and today continues to enchant visitors and film directors alike.  Vaux-le-Vicomte’s rich…

    October 2021 Hardcover $85.00 978-2-08-151352-5

  • Villa Albani Torlonia

    A journey through its emotional itineraries is unveiled for the very first time by the photographic masterpieces of Massimo Listri. Villa Albani Torlonia, with its collections, the Italian…

    September 2021 Hardcover $150.00 978-88-918321-4-6

  • Vortex

    A study of the striking Vortex building in Lausanne, Switzerland, a powerful reflection of circles in architecture.  Edited and authored by the renowned architecture expert Philip Jodidio, this book…

    September 2021 Hardcover $60.00 978-0-8478-6953-4

  • Wineries of the World

    Twenty-five beautifully made wineries by contemporary architects the world over illustrate the connection between winery design and the modern movement toward integrating wine-making with lifestyle and the enjoyment…

    September 2021 Hardcover $55.00 978-0-8478-6958-9