Art : Recently Published

  • Ritual Figures in Congo

    A sophisticated publication dedicated to one of the most astonishing collections of African art. This book presents a variety of ritual figures from the Democratic Republic of Congo….

    March 2024 Hardcover $60.00 978-88-918390-5-3 Rizzoli

  • Sagebrush and Solitude

    The first book on the great American landscape painter to focus primarily on his work in Nevada, capturing the beauty of the American West, its open spaces and…

    March 2024 Hardcover $95.00 978-0-8478-9958-6 Rizzoli Electa

  • Seung-taek Lee

    This is the first comprehensive monograph on the pioneer of Korean avant-garde, Seung-taek Lee. Seung-taek Lee was born in 1932 in Gowon, Hamgyeongnam-do (currently a province in North…

    March 2024 Boxed Set $135.00 978-88-918400-1-1 Rizzoli

  • Summer Wheat

    The Future (and the past) is Female: Summer Wheat’s whimsical, often tongue-in-cheek tableaux in rich jewel tones punctuated with bright neons, teem with fantastical figures that imagine tribes…

    February 2024 Hardcover $65.00 978-0-8478-7340-1 Rizzoli Electa

  • Tomashi Jackson

    Deeply committed to social justice, artist Tomashi Jackson creates vibrant prints, paintings, videos, textiles, and sculptures that powerfully explore systemic inequities found throughout US history. This is the…

    March 2024 Hardcover $55.00 978-0-8478-9938-8 Rizzoli Electa