Children's Books : Recently Published

  • Chicken Come Home

    A new adventure-packed tale from the team behind Grab that Rabbit Dolly is a very plucky chicken who likes to lay her egg in a different place each…

    August 2021 Hardcover $16.95 978-1-84365-504-6 Pavilion Children's

  • Georgie Grows a Dragon!

    The brilliant third book from a rising star of the picture-book world Georgie is a keen gardener. She can grow anything. Until one morning she discovers that…overnight…it seems…

    August 2021 Hardcover $16.95 978-1-84365-505-3 Pavilion Children's

  • The Hideaway

    A haunting illustrated novel from the author of the highly acclaimed Thornhill Told in two alternating narratives, The Hideaway tells the story of Billy McKenna, who runs away from…

    October 2021 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-84365-479-7 Pavilion Children's

  • Protest!

    A timely book on the history of peaceful protest, from the Egyptian pyramid workers’ strike of 1170 BCE all the way up to the present day Protest has…

    November 2021 Hardcover $22.50 978-1-84365-512-1 Pavilion Children's

  • Quentin Blake's A Christmas Carol

    Quentin Blake turns his artistic talents to Dickens’ much-loved Christmas story in this beautiful gift edition of a timeless classic. A Christmas Carol is the book that defines…

    November 2021 Hardcover $17.95 978-1-84365-507-7 Pavilion Children's

  • Quentin Blake's Magical Tales

    A new edition of this beautifully illustrated treasury of more than a dozen magical folk tales from around the world Escape to a faraway mystical world where anything…

    November 2021 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-84365-436-0 Pavilion Children's

  • This Book is Not a Bedtime Story

    A hilarious, spooky tale by a celebrated author and illustrator This book is NOT a bedtime story.  It’s scary, strange, and rather gory. Bedtime stories make you sleepy….

    September 2021 Hardcover $16.95 978-1-84365-506-0 Pavilion Children's

  • Where's Brian's Bottom?

    Find Brian’s bottom in this innovative and fun concertina board book, offering over 6½ feet of fold-out fun! Brian is a very long sausage dog. So long he’s…

    October 2021 Board $9.95 978-1-84365-466-7 Pavilion Children's

  • William Bee's Wonderful World of Things That Go!

    Complete set of William Bee’s amazing vehicle books, now in one volume William Bee takes us on a grand tour of the world of amazing trucks, trains, boats,…

    October 2021 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-84365-473-5 Pavilion Children's