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  • The Art of Flower Arranging

    The master floral designer inspires novices and experts alike in creating clean, classic, and contemporary flower arrangements so beautiful and original, they make the heart skip a beat.  …

    February 2017 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-8478-4895-9 Rizzoli

  • The Artistry of Flowers

    Bring beauty in the form of nature into your home and your lifestyle, no matter where you live, through artful floral arrangements, as well as indoor and outdoor…

    March 2023 Hardcover $50.00 978-0-8478-9908-1 Rizzoli

  • Bringing Nature Home

    Unlike most flower-arrangement books, which rely on expensive and often nonseasonal flowers from florists, this book presents an alternative that is in line with the “back to nature”…

    March 2012 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-8478-3800-4 Rizzoli

  • Everyday Flowers

    Paula Pryke is acclaimed for creating innovative and bold floral designs for memorable events and special occasions. In her latest book, she demonstrates that the same ideas and…

    March 2012 Hardcover $34.95 978-0-8478-3715-1 Rizzoli

  • French Blooms

    This first book by Sandra Sigman, award-winning floral designer and owner of Les Fleurs, presents arranging flowers in the French style—bouquets that are chic and romantic. As Sandra…

    March 2023 Hardcover $40.00 978-0-8478-9906-7 Rizzoli

  • In Bloom

    Inspiring new ways to connect with the beauty of flowers in everyday life. Like the author’s exquisite first book, Bringing Nature Home, this much-awaited follow-up title presents stunning…

    September 2016 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-8478-4850-8 Rizzoli

  • In Full Flower

    This gorgeously photographed volume celebrates the most influential floral designers today.   In Full Flower is a compilation of a new wave in contemporary floral design, featuring artists…

    April 2017 Hardcover $50.00 978-0-8478-5869-9 Rizzoli

  • Living Floral

    Brimming with top stylemakers’ and designers’ innovative floral design ideas to enliven the home, Living Floral will resonate with those who appreciate the beauty and everyday luxury of…

    March 2019 Hardcover $50.00 978-0-8478-6362-4 Rizzoli

  • Paula Pryke: Wedding Flowers

    An essential book packed with exquisite photographs and amazing floral displays for planning every aspect of the wedding day and beyond, from London’s leading floral designer. Paula Pryke…

    December 2014 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-4433-3 Rizzoli

  • Preston Bailey: Designing with Flowers

    From master event planner and floral couturier Preston Bailey comes a new book celebrating the latest ideas in floral design, from centerpieces to environments. A dazzling floor of orchids…

    April 2014 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-8478-4246-9 Rizzoli