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  • Animal Pals That Prove That Love Is Real

    Best friends of the animal kingdom to brighten your day. When all seems lost and we’re certain that love is dead, the animal kingdom teaches us to hope…

    January 2023 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-922754-16-5 Smith Street Books

  • Art Cat

    Cats through the eras of art. Cats have been charming us with their indifference for as long as we’ve been sketching on canvas. In the background, on the…

    March 2023 Hardcover $16.95 978-1-922754-25-7 Smith Street Books

  • Art Dog

    Dogs through the eras of art. Dogs have been man’s best friend for as long as we’ve been sketching on canvas. In the background, behind the table, or…

    March 2023 Hardcover $16.95 978-1-922754-26-4 Smith Street Books

  • Cute Animal Affirmations

    When you’re feeling down, these animals will lift you up with their beautiful words (and fluffy faces). You know you got this. But sometimes it’s helpful to hear…

    January 2023 Non-traditional book $19.95 978-1-922754-20-2 Smith Street Gift

  • The Deck of Mushrooms

    From those you can forage to the bizarre, this deck is an introduction to fifty of the hidden kingdom’s most interesting mushrooms. Mushrooms have existed for millennia, which…

    April 2023 Non-traditional book $24.95 978-1-922754-33-2 Smith Street Gift

  • Who Cares Wins

    A rousing call to action, this book will leave you feeling hopeful that we can make a difference in the midst of an age of turmoil, destruction, and…

    March 2023 Hardcover $14.98 978-0-7893-4409-0 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • A Year of Birdsong

    Fascinating stories about birdsong for every week of the year. Leading bird expert Dominic Couzens takes us on a journey around the world to enjoy an authentic year…

    March 2023 Hardcover $27.95 978-1-84994-730-5 Batsford