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  • I'll Be There For You

    Everything you need to know about life, dating, fashion, friendship and more, according to the wisdom of our favourite Friends in Manhattan. Have you arrived at a crossroads…

    April 2019 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-925418-98-9

  • The Beatles A to Z

    An illustrated A to Z celebrating the unparalleled impact of the cultural phenomenon that was the Beatles–the greatest band of all time. This book looks at the life,…

    May 2019 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-925418-90-3

  • The Ultimate Fan Guide to RuPaul's Drag Race

    Prepare for a RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory lesson like no other – as this book celebrates all the queens from seasons 1 to 10, plus so much more!…

    April 2019 Hardcover $24.95 978-1-925811-09-4

  • TV USA

    The ultimate coast-to-coast guide for armchair travelers who never leave their armchair because they’re watching their favorite television shows. For more than 75 years, television shows have used…

    April 2019 Trade Paperback $24.95 978-0-7893-3653-8

  • Writing with Light

    A unique tribute to art films as seen through the eyes of master cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, the winner of three Academy Awards. The volume is a compendium of…

    March 2019 Hardcover $120.00 978-88-918201-8-1

  • Yada Yada Yada

    Everything you need to know about the irritating minutiae of daily existence, according to the (total lack of) wisdom of Seinfeld’s Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. Seinfeld is…

    May 2019 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-925418-94-1