Pop Culture & Performing Arts : Future Publications

  • Pop Freak! 

    Get ready for charades like you’ve never played it before. This game is designed for pop-culture obsessives who are quick on their feet and great at charades. Packaged…

    November 2021 Non-traditional book $25.00 978-1-922417-49-7

  • Reversing into The Future

    An unparalleled collection of New Wave memorabilia with exclusive cover designs by world-renowned designers Malcolm Garrett and Chip Kidd  Andrew Krivine’s personal and vast collection of original posters,…

    October 2021 Hardcover $45.00 978-1-911663-95-9

  • The 90s Quizpedia

    How well do you remember the 90s? This unofficial book will put your trivia to the test. It’s been two decades since Y2K, and our nostalgia for the…

    September 2021 Trade Paperback $12.95 978-1-922417-35-0

  • The Art of Oz

    In this must-have book for all fans of Oz big and small, artist and visionary Gabriel Gale brings to vivid life all the creatures from L. Frank Baum’s beloved…

    October 2021 Hardcover $39.95 978-0-7893-4101-3

  • The Iconic David Bowie

    An unofficial jigsaw puzzle celebrating the enduring legacy of David Bowie, the interplanetary icon who’s missed around the world, every single day. The chameleonic legacy of alien rock…

    October 2021 Non-traditional book $16.95 978-1-922417-46-6

  • The Unofficial Dolly Parton Activity Book

    A celebration of one of the most-honored performers of all time, who reaches across generations, cultures, political parties and continents  Rising to fame as a country singer in…

    October 2021 Trade Paperback $12.95 978-1-911622-70-3

  • The West Wing Playing Cards

    Walk and talk with your favorite characters from The West Wing, illustrated on this unofficial deck of cards. If you don’t love The West Wing, the chances are you…

    October 2021 Non-traditional book $12.95 978-1-922417-48-0

  • Universal Studios Monsters

    This updated volume is the perfect gift for any fan of horror movies and pop culture’s most iconic monsters.  The year 2021 is a milestone anniversary year for horror’s…

    September 2021 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-7893-4100-6

  • Wes Lang

    A definitive and long overdue monograph revealing the extraordinarily prolific career of the American artist Wes Lang, whose frenetic and manic paintings bring together ideas and icons mined…

    September 2021 Hardcover $85.00 978-0-8478-7080-6

  • What's Next?

    Go behind the scenes of the TV show that took us into the inner sanctum of the most powerful building in the world. It has been over twenty…

    October 2021 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-922417-34-3