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  • Art in Cuba

    A panoramic exploration of Cuba’s extraordinary art world, including exclusive interviews with thirty-five of the island’s most influential artists and photography by Camillo Guevara. Retracing the vibrant history…

    February 2022 Hardcover $19.98 978-2-08-026593-7 Flammarion

  • Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés 1855

    Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés: Médoc and Sauternes bring readers inside each of the 88 world-famous domaines–including the whites of the Sauternes region–and include detailed tasting notes of the…

    February 2022 Hardcover $19.98 978-2-08-026592-0 Flammarion

  • Creative Paris

    Viewed from the streets, Paris is where true inspiration lies. But stepping inside–where real Parisians live, work, and create–makes the heart beat stronger. For the past decade, French…

    February 2022 Hardcover $14.98 978-2-08-026596-8 Flammarion

  • Diary of Your Home

    An informational, interactive home diary–complete with writing prompts, practical tips, and insightful inspirations–Diary of Your Home will appeal to a design-savvy, DIY-focused audience ranging from apartment renters to…

    March 2022 Hardcover $9.98 978-0-7893-3783-2 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Drag

    Drag celebrates the fabulous current and historical influence of drag, and its talented and inspiring performers. Since man first walked the Earth…in heels, no other art form has…

    March 2022 Hardcover $14.98 978-0-7893-3791-7 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Ed Hardy: Deeper than Skin

    Legendary American tattoo artist Ed Hardy’s groundbreaking tattoos, flash, drawings, and artworks are gathered together for the first time in one brash book. Ed Hardy’s (b. 1945) unique…

    March 2022 Trade Paperback $19.98 978-0-7893-3793-1 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • The Graham Kerr Cookbook

    Before Emeril Lagasse’s signature “Bam!” or Anthony Bourdain’s hedonistic charm, there was Graham Kerr: a pioneering TV chef who, following in the footsteps of Julia Child, showed millions…

    March 2022 Hardcover $14.98 978-0-7893-3785-6 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • How to Read Skyscrapers

    The ultimate field guide to the icon of modern architecture – the skyscraper – in a handy format small enough to fit in a back pocket while providing…

    March 2022 Trade Paperback $7.98 978-0-7893-3794-8 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Isms... Understanding Photography

    Following on the heels of the highly successful Isms: Understanding Art, Isms: Understanding Architecture, and the latest volume in the series Isms: Understanding Modern Art comes this handy…

    March 2022 Trade Paperback $7.98 978-0-7893-3792-4 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Me & McDuff

    Eat Pray Love meets Beloved Dog in this photomontage gift book about discovering an authentic and fulfilling creative life–thanks to the company of a faithful and adventurous dog….

    March 2022 Hardcover $9.98 978-0-7893-3786-3 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • The Pacific Crest Trail

    This pocket-sized gift and souvenir photo book captures the beauty of America’s quintessential wilderness hiking trail. From desert California to the Washington-Canada border, the compelling photography of Bart…

    March 2022 Hardcover $9.98 978-0-7893-3788-7 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • The Patterned Interior

    A new collection of the most graphic and vibrant interiors designed by the multi-award winning designer Greg Natale.. Greg Natale presents his signature approach to the juxtaposition of…

    March 2022 Hardcover $19.98 978-0-7893-3790-0 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • The Recipe

    Michelin-starred chef Josh Emett brings together more than 300 of the most important classic recipes by 150 of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. Taken together, this is a…

    March 2022 Hardcover $17.98 978-0-7893-3789-4 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Renoir: Father and Son / Painting and Cinema

    Beloved Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir left a vibrant legacy that influenced the life and films of his son, the acclaimed director Jean Renoir. The Impressionist paintings of Pierre-Auguste…

    February 2022 Hardcover $19.98 978-2-08-026600-2 Flammarion

  • Robert Doisneau: Music

    Previously unpublished photographs and iconic portraits of musicians from the 1950s through the 1980s offer a new perspective on Doisneau’s remarkable talent. Master photographer Robert Doisneau’s passion for…

    February 2022 Hardcover $19.98 978-2-08-026595-1 Flammarion