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  • 500 Races, Routes and Adventures

    500 Races, Routes and Adventures contains all the information and practical advice needed to enjoy the best and most unusual running experiences around the world–all gathered in one…

    March 2023 Hardcover $12.98 978-0-7893-4405-2 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • The Adventurous Foodie

    This eminently browsable, dip-in/dip-out book is an indispensable guide to the most interesting, iconic, and unique foods from 155 different countries. Alexandre Stern has compiled a veritable “bucket…

    March 2023 Hardcover $17.98 978-0-7893-4401-4 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Bata Shoe Museum

    The Bata Shoe Museum has an extraordinary collection of more than 14,000 artifacts, dating from as far back as 4,500 years to the present day. Founded by Sonja…

    March 2023 Trade Paperback $9.98 978-0-7893-4402-1 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Chicken A to Z

    Named “Best Cookbook of the Year” at the 24th Annual Gourmand Awards, this is the only collection of chicken recipes any home cook will ever need. Celebrating chicken’s…

    March 2023 Hardcover $19.98 978-0-7893-4410-6 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Diana Vreeland: Bon Mots

    This evocative collection celebrates the prescience, wit, and enduring relevance of a fashion legend. Diana Vreeland’s insightful edicts and evocative aphorisms remain her strongest legacy. She looked at…

    March 2023 Trade Paperback $14.98 978-0-7893-4406-9 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Dream Rooms for Children

    Dream Rooms for Children presents excellent designs for kids’ rooms, featuring stylish spaces created by well-known designers, parents, and even the kids themselves. Dream Rooms for Children takes…

    March 2023 Hardcover $19.98 978-0-7893-4404-5 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Hiking Trails of the Pacific Northwest

    Hike some of the most famous trails in the world, with the region’s top guides right by your side. This official book celebrates the trails of the Pacific…

    March 2023 Hardcover $19.98 978-0-7893-4408-3 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Los Angeles on Instagram

    The absolute best of the L.A. Instagram experience in a collection of more than 300 photos from over fifty influential Instagram photographers. Capturing the vibrant, creative energy that…

    March 2023 Hardcover $12.98 978-0-7893-4403-8 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Movie Emojis

    A mashup of emojis and movie trivia that keeps film buffs, trivia geeks, and everyone who emojis guessing. Featuring 100 movie titles or plotlines, each described through a…

    March 2023 Trade Paperback $6.98 978-0-7893-4400-7 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • San Francisco on Instagram

    From stunning coastal views to bridges wrapped in dreamy fog, this collection showcases 300 photos of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area captured by more than fifty…

    March 2023 Hardcover $12.98 978-0-7893-4407-6 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • Who Cares Wins

    A rousing call to action, this book will leave you feeling hopeful that we can make a difference in the midst of an age of turmoil, destruction, and…

    March 2023 Hardcover $14.98 978-0-7893-4409-0 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

  • You Can Do Anything, Magic Skeleton!

    In the tradition of inspirational pick-me-ups like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Johnny Sun’s G’Morning, G’Night but with a Calvin & Hobbesian sensibility comes this whimsically nerdy spin, illustrated by…

    March 2023 Hardcover $9.98 978-0-7893-4411-3 Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books