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  • Alpine

    In a graphic and artistic extension of the new model A110, this handsome volume celebrates the revival of the epic Alpine sports car.A veritable dialogue between the Alpine…

    March 2018 Trade Paperback $75.00 978-2-08-020338-0

  • Drive Time: Expanded Edition

    A century of automotive-inspired watches. This lavish volume is a fascinating exploration of the interplay between two kinds of beautifully made machines. A detailed look at the development…

    February 2018 Hardcover $85.00 978-0-8478-6229-0

  • Pure Alfa Romeo

    The fascinating world of Alfa Romeo is recounted in this history of the legendary automaker, while showcasing its finest models. Recognized for their sleek and sexy design, high…

    March 2018 Hardcover $90.00 978-88-918143-9-5

  • Style on Board

    For all boat lovers, this striking book describes the most important and beautiful yachts built by Sanlorenzo, the Italian company which plays a leading role in the yacht-building…

    May 2018 Hardcover $85.00 978-88-918142-4-1