• 1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die

    A lavishly illustrated collection of the 1001 best golf holes from around the world, organized by challenge level, for golfers of every level. This latest book in the…

    March 2013 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-2466-5 Universe

  • 1001 Guitars You Must Play Before You Die

    Lavishly illustrated, comprehensive, authoritative—this definitive guide to the most important and groundbreaking guitars is the perfect book for aspiring musicians and serious fans alike. This latest volume in…

    October 2013 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-2701-7 Universe

  • 1001 Photographs You Must See In Your Lifetime

    A new generation, enabled by selfie sticks and social media, is being drawn to photography, and this is the perfect book to inspire and illuminate their appreciation of…

    September 2017 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-2768-0 Universe

  • 1001 Plants to Dream of Growing

    This generously illustrated, fact-filled volume showcases more than 1,000 outstanding plants that run the gamut from childhood favorites and heirloom rediscoveries to the latest introductions and new cultivars….

    March 2016 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-3116-8 Universe

  • 1001 Quotations To Enlighten, Entertain, and Inspire

    An invaluable tool for public speaking, writing, and anyone wishing to make a memorable impact with or be inspired by words, this handsomely illustrated volume is conveniently organized…

    October 2016 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-3253-0 Universe

  • 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die

    This latest addition to the best-selling 1001 series offers more than ever— the world’s biggest and best playlist, referencing over 10,000 must-download songs. This book offers more than…

    November 2010 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-2089-6 Universe

  • 1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die

    The most groundbreaking and important must-see shows from the 1950s to today’s golden age of television. This latest addition to the best-selling and highly acclaimed 1001 series showcases…

    October 2015 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-2938-7 Universe

  • 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

    For devoted gamers as well as those interested in groundbreaking graphic design, this is the first, most comprehensive, and only critical guide ever published to video games. The…

    October 2010 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-2090-2 Universe

  • 1001 Walks You Must Take Before You Die

    This generously illustrated volume features 1,001 carefully selected scenic walks throughout the world in both natural and urban settings—from Africa’s Rift Valley to the Appalachian Trail. This latest…

    March 2015 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-2915-8 Universe

  • 1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die

    This latest volume in the hugely popular 1001 series supplies the connoisseurs’ scoop on the finest spirits from the Scottish highlands to the exotic new whiskies emanating from…

    May 2012 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-2487-0 Universe

  • 1001 Wines You Must Taste Before You Die

    This highly opinionated, addictively browsable compilation of 1,001 “must try” wines offers the most enjoyable drinking experience for novice and connoisseur alike. Included in the list are classics…

    September 2008 Hardcover $36.95 978-0-7893-1683-7 Universe

  • 101 Art Destinations in the U.S

    An art lover’s bucket list of must-see artworks and art–distilling the country’s best artworks and art destinations into interesting, digestible entries featuring the best mix of museums, artists’…

    October 2018 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-6293-1 Rizzoli Electa

  • 101 Ways to Use a Unicorn

    Fans of the magical unicorn are legion, and the unicorn’s appearance in pop culture shows no signs of waning. This book presents lighthearted, slightly twisted, and always funny…

    March 2015 Hardcover $14.95 978-0-7893-2910-3 Universe

  • 12 Days of Christmas in New York

    There’s nothing like Christmas in New York. “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—the Statue of Liberty!” So begins this clever adaptation of…

    September 2012 Hardcover $14.95 978-0-7893-2440-5 Universe

  • 20,000 Steps Around the World

    The world’s best hikes and walks in one volume with breathtaking photography, detailed terrain and route guides, maps, and expert descriptions—whether you need to unplug for an afternoon…

    October 2023 Hardcover $39.95 978-0-8478-7352-4 Universe