• Living Forever Chic

    Why French women of a certain age are the consummate hostesses, homemakers, and style icons–and how you can be, too. Frenchwomen–particularly those 40 and over–are role models for…

    October 2018 Hardcover $29.95 978-0-8478-6305-1 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • The Many Lives of Miss K

    A life of glamour and tragedy, set against the watershed cultural and political movements of twentieth-century Europe. “Toto” Koopman (1908–1991) is a new addition to the set of…

    September 2013 Hardcover $24.95 978-0-8478-4129-5 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • Nutella World

    The story behind everyone’s favorite snack—Nutella. Nutella has its roots in a simple hazelnut and chocolate paste sold as Pasta Gianduja by Pietro Ferrero at his bakery in…

    July 2015 Hardcover $24.95 978-0-8478-4585-9 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • The Photographer and the President

    A new angle on Lincoln and his legacy, exploring the rich and suggestive dialogue between art, image, and politics at the time of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln…

    March 2015 Hardcover $29.95 978-0-8478-4541-5 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • The Reach of Rome

    In this unconventional and accessible history, Italian best-seller Alberto Angela literally follows the money to map the reach and power of the Roman Empire. To see a map…

    October 2013 Hardcover $26.95 978-0-8478-4128-8 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • Riccardo Muti: An Autobiography

    “A vivid portrait of life at the top of a podium heap…[a] fascinating memoir – a must-read for all who would gain insights into what makes a dedicated…

    September 2011 Hardcover $29.95 978-0-8478-3724-3 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • A Soldier on the Southern Front

    A rediscovered Italian masterpiece chronicling the author’s experience as an infantryman, newly translated and reissued to commemorate the centennial of World War I. Taking its place alongside works…

    February 2014 Hardcover $26.95 978-0-8478-4278-0 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • Taking Time

    This collection of conversations on the subject of time between a legendary couturier and leaders in the worlds of art, design, and popular culture will inspire readers to…

    March 2020 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-6155-2 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • The Voice of Pistoletto

    A dynamic and far-reaching dialogue with one of Europe’s most influential contemporary artists about his vision of unifying art and everyday life. In 2013, at the age of…

    October 2014 Hardcover $39.95 978-0-8478-4387-9 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • Who Cares Wins

    A rousing call to action, this book will leave you feeling hopeful that we can make a difference in the midst of an age of turmoil, destruction, and…

    July 2020 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-6932-9 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • Wine in Words

    Delectably brief essays that tell you only what you need to know to enjoy wine. There are wine encyclopedias, bibles, and guides—this is not one of those books….

    April 2015 Hardcover $29.95 978-0-8478-4543-9 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams

    A magical concoction of the mischievous, tender, whimsical, and debauched real-life adventures of Alan Cumming, told in his own words and pictures. Described by the New York Times…

    September 2016 Hardcover $29.95 978-0-8478-4900-0 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • Yves Saint Laurent

    This definitive portrait of the creative genius who transformed fashion is the first major English-language biography of Yves Saint Laurent since his death in 2008, featuring exclusive interviews…

    March 2019 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-8478-6339-6 Rizzoli Ex Libris