• The Scratch + Sniff Bacon Cookbook

    This is a bacon cookbook with a super-fun twist—scratch the cover for a deliciously bacon-y smell! It’s an indisputable fact that bacon is the world’s greatest food. It…

    September 2018 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-925418-77-4 Smith Street Books

  • Seinfeld Playing Cards

    Finally! The show about nothing gets used for something – as giggle-worthy fodder for your next card night. This unofficial deck of playing cards feature the faces of…

    May 2019 Non-traditional book $12.95 978-1-925811-06-3 Smith Street Gift

  • Sex and the City Playing Cards

    These unofficial fan-created playing cards are a homage to Sex and the City, one of TV’s greatest and most enduring shows. Imagine playing a round of Texas Hold…

    September 2020 Non-traditional book $12.95 978-1-925811-84-1 Smith Street Gift

  • The Shared Kitchen

    The Shared Kitchen features beautiful vegetable-based dishes to share with loved ones and friends, with an emphasis on zero waste and nourishing wholefood recipes. We spend so much…

    October 2022 Hardcover $35.00 978-1-922417-89-3 Smith Street Books

  • The Shared Table

    Any meal is only as good as the company with whom it’s shared, which is why this book unites food and its local community. This cookbook is a…

    September 2019 Trade Paperback Original $24.95 978-1-925811-24-7 Smith Street Books

  • Should I Buy This Book?

    Stop before making another terrible decision again! Let this book put you on the right path.   Should you add your mom as a friend on Facebook? How…

    February 2017 Trade Paperback Original $12.95 978-1-925418-27-9 Smith Street Books

  • Souk

    The souk, or marketplace, is the beating heart of Arabic cuisine and culture—this book celebrates the generosity of this rich food culture. The word mezze stems from the Arabic term tamazzaza—a…

    March 2018 Hardcover $35.00 978-1-925418-62-0 Smith Street Books

  • Spanish at Home

    Discover the best-loved dishes of Spanish home-cooking.Away from the tapas bars and eateries of Spain’s bustling cities, you’ll find another world of Spanish cuisine. From the inland mountainous…

    November 2022 Hardcover $35.00 978-1-922417-90-9 Smith Street Books

  • Spell Bound

    Peer past the veil into the modern witch’s world. Explore magic’s past and navigate its future in a world where ancient groves meet silicon. A guide for any…

    May 2022 Hardcover $24.95 978-1-922417-64-0 Smith Street Books

  • Spritz Fever!

    Become a certified fizz whiz with this illustrated guide to creating sixty ultra-refreshing spritz cocktails. The 60 spritz recipes in Spritz Fever! are in the cocktail style of…

    September 2019 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-925811-16-2 Smith Street Books

  • The Stranger Things Field Guide

    Let this unofficial field guide take you deep into the world of Stranger Things—and discover everything you need to know about the world of Hawkins, the Upside Down, and…

    November 2018 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-925418-88-0 Smith Street Books

  • Street Food Vietnam

    Vietnamese street food is – inarguably – one of the world’s most dynamic cuisines. This book brings the flavor and spirit of those bustling streets to your home….

    May 2019 Hardcover $27.50 978-1-925811-04-9 Smith Street Books

  • Superfans

    A look into the weird and wonderful world of music’s most devoted superfans. Musicians and bands have been adored since the first notes were recorded, but it was…

    September 2018 Trade Paperback $14.95 978-1-925418-50-7 Smith Street Books

  • Taco-topia

    This completely illustrated cookbook celebrates everyone’s favorite street and snack food–tacos–and includes more than 60 delicious recipes to get your kitchen humming. Explore the delicious world of tacos…

    October 2018 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-925418-81-1 Smith Street Books

  • That's So '90s!

    This tongue-in-cheek book is a pop culture time capsule, celebrating and reliving the 1990s in all its tacky glory. A flashback to the iconic pop cultural moments of…

    April 2019 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-925811-02-5 Smith Street Books