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  • The Flour Craft Bakery & Cafe Cookbook

    Gluten free as it should be–fresh, simple, and for the whole family,–The Flour Craft Bakery & Cafe Cookbook includes seventy-five impeccable, seasonal recipes for every time of day….

    April 2021 Hardcover $35.00 978-1-59962-159-3

  • From Field & Forest

    In this mindful, artistic journal, Anna celebrates the natural world; the changing of the seasons, the blossoming of flowers and the ripening of fruit.    Highly respected illustrator…

    April 2021 Hardcover $24.95 978-1-911641-76-6

  • The Garden Source

    This book is the visual resource for anyone looking for garden inspiration, showcasing image after aspirational image of garden designs and solutions. This fully updated and revised edition…

    March 2021 Trade Paperback $45.00 978-0-8478-7017-2

  • The Glass of Fashion

    This book presents the iconic photographer’s expert and witty reminiscences of the personalities who inspired fashion’s golden eras, and left an indelible mark on his own sense of…

    March 2021 Hardcover $14.98 978-0-7893-3994-2

  • Good God, Lemon!

    Go behind the scenes of the laugh-out-loud sitcom that took us viewers behind the scenes: TV’s 30 Rock. It’s been over eight years the show since ended, but…

    March 2021 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-925811-73-5

  • Gracie Mansion

    A tribute to the unique, historic home and New York City treasure–a classic volume first published in 2005 is here revised and updated for today, with a new…

    March 2021 Hardcover $60.00 978-0-8478-6956-5

  • The Greatest Show Penguin

    A heartwarming story about overcoming fears and the meaning of success Poppy the Penguin comes from a long line of circus performers. Many skills have been passed down…

    February 2021 Hardcover $16.95 978-1-84365-483-4

  • Grow Your Own Pet Plants

    This practical (and adorably illustrated) book offers tips on how to turn random garden cuttings into lifelong plant friends. Plants make great pets – they’re quiet, decorative, housetrained…

    April 2021 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-922417-06-0

  • The Gut Stuff

    Demystifying the buzz words of gut health and microbiome, this book explains clearly the importance of fiber in our diets. Most people now know just how important the…

    February 2021 Hardcover $19.95 978-1-911663-47-8

  • Her Dior

    A powerful collection of photographs and essays by trailblazing women that celebrates Maria Grazia Chiuri’s feminine and feminist spirit within the House of Dior. Since being appointed the…

    March 2021 Hardcover $95.00 978-0-8478-7029-5

  • The Hidden Mathematics of Sport

    A unique and insightful mathematical approach to the most popular sports A fascinating look at sport, exploring the mathematics behind the action. Includes the best tactics for taking…

    April 2021 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-911622-28-4

  • The History of Tennis

    All the passion, drama, and beauty of tennis is captured in this most up-to-date comprehensive history–from its early beginnings as a sport, the greatest matches ever played, to…

    March 2021 Hardcover $55.00 978-0-8478-6987-9

  • Honey & Co: Chasing Smoke

    Award-winning duo Honey & Co present delicious Middle Eastern dishes to cook over fire or grill. Join Sarit and Itamar on a journey filled with flavor and fire…

    May 2021 Hardcover $35.00 978-1-911641-32-2

  • Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

    Nestled in a spectacular botanical garden with stunning views on the Mediterranean, the idyllic Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc has attracted scintillating international guests for 150 years. Created in the…

    April 2021 Hardcover $85.00 978-2-08-020393-9

  • Houses of the National Trust

    A fully revised and updated visual guide to some of the greatest architectural treasures of Britain, encompassing both interior and exterior design Enjoy the splendor of the most…

    March 2021 Hardcover $40.00 978-1-911657-11-8