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New York's 50 Best Places to Find Peace & Quiet, 5th Edition Written by Allan Ishac
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New York's 50 Best Places to Find Peace & Quiet, 5th Edition

Written by Allan Ishac

  • October 16, 2007
  • Trade Paperback
  • Travel - United States - Northeast - Middle Atlantic (NJ, NY, PA)
  • Universe
  • 4-1/4 x 7-1/2
  • $14.95
  • $21.00
  • 978-0-7893-1575-5

About This Book

The #1 bestselling title in City & Company history with 40,000 copies sold! Beyond the surface noise and chaos is a quiet New York of tranquility and blessed silence. NEW YORK’S 50 BEST PLACES TO FIND PEACE AND QUIET, takes the reader to 50 oases of serenity around the city—from gardens to spas, meditation centers to wildlife refuges—each a revitalizing place of calm amidst the daily bustle and grind of urban life. "If you’re at wit’s end and frantic for tranquility, relax…you can buy [this] sweet little book." The New York Times.

About the Author

Allan Ishac is the creator of Telly Award–winning Hard Hat Harry video series for children. He is a recipient of the Mayor’s Voluntary Superstars Award for his bedtime story readings at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, and is the author of Universe’s New York’s 50 Best Places to Find Peace and Quiet.


  • "To maintain your sanity in New York, it’s essential to have a quiet refuge—or better yet several of them. Allan Ishac has written a great little book, "New York's 50 Best Places to Find Peace and Quiet." It makes the perfect gift for all your New York friends and colleagues, not to mention your stressed out visitors."
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