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Salt: Coastal and Flats Fishing Photography by Andy Anderson

Text by Tom Rosenbauer, Foreword by Guy de La Valdene, Photographed by Andy Anderson

  • April 1, 2014
  • Hardcover
  • Photography - Nature & Wildlife
  • Rizzoli
  • 12-1/2 x 9
  • $55.00
  • $55.00
  • 978-0-7893-2706-2

About This Book

Experience the world's greatest coastal fly-fishing destinations with this stunning volume, an ideal gift for any angler's library. As close to a first-hand experience as a reader can get without getting wet, Salt: Coastal and Flats Fishing is a visually stunning journey to America's most epic saltwater fishing hot spots. Featuring photography from the Atlantic Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Bahamas, Gulf Coast, and Florida Keys-and highlighting fish such as striped bass, tuna, bonefish, permit, and tarpon-this is a life's compilation of saltwater fly-fishing photography by one of the most acclaimed outdoors photographers. Each section has an accompanying essay by Tom Rosenbauer that takes the reader along on a memorable trip to the world's greatest fishing destinations. For the serious fly fisherman, it is an album of shared experiences. For those new to the sport, it is an artfully crafted guidebook to the exotic world that exists on the waters of American coastlines and islands.

About the Author

Andy Anderson is an award-winning outdoor photographer who has shot for Outside, Garden & Gun, and Conde Nast Traveler, among other publications. Tom Rosenbauer is a lifelong fly fisher and author of more than twelve books on fly fishing, including Universe's The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing. Guy de la Valdène is the author of several books, numerous articles for Gray’s Sporting Journal, Sports Afield, and Field & Stream, and director of the highly acclaimed documentary Tarpon.


  • "Recommended for the fisherman who is wearied by this brutal winter. I’ve read and owned plenty of coffee table photography books about fishing. Most tend to concentrate on a species, like trout or Atlantic salmon or even bonefish. But I’ve never come across a fishing book like this: One that concentrates on inshore fishing, from places like Montauk to places like the Bahamas. Anderson’s photos within are amazing, especially the cover shot, which will take your breath away. Rosenbauer’s prose nicely fills the space between the shots. What I found particularly cool about this book was the photos and descriptions of various haunts in the northeastern salt, a geographical area that’s been under-represented in past books about fishing." ~Forbes Magazine

    "Seasoned editorial and advertising photographer Andy Anderson’s new book Salt explores America’s most amazing saltwater fishing spots. Each section has an accompanying essay by Tom Rosenbauer…" ~Photo District News

    "Andy Anderson has written an autobiography in pictures, a life on the water. Salt is an eloquent modern paean to the strength and beauty of the coastal waters he cares for at a time when that environment is in danger of disappearing." ~Guy de la Valdène

    “Our Picks Selection: Lean into the sea breeze, taste the brine, feel the tug of the tide: This handsome collection of 180 large-size, full-color images—and essays by fly-fishing expert and author Tom Rosenbauer—takes you on a guided tour of America’s top fishing hot spots. You may not actually be the one wading into the surf, casting the line and hauling in the striped bass, tuna, and tarpon in New England, the Pacific Northwest, the Bahamas, the Gulf Coast and the Florida Keys, but as you lose yourself in this vividly illustrated ode to the sheer joy of fishing, you might easily forget you’re not really there.” -American Profile Magazine

    “If you have ever watched a fisherman cast a line or have done it yourself, you will find this an amazing book. The photography is stunning as the author and photographer explore the North American coastal edges as they explore America’s most exciting saltwater hot spots. For those of us not familiar with the intricacies of the sport of fishing, this is a refreshingly straight forward fountain of information. Rosenbauer’s sections such as Wading, Boats, Fish, and Flies not only was enlightening but it was done thru sharing wonderful stories and experiences. The photography of Andy Anderson is simply unbelievable. He captures movement in water, fishermen and fish in almost poetic fashion. If you are a fisherman or know one, this book will be a fantastic addition to their library.” ~Apogee Photo Magazine

    Salt: Coastal and Flats Fishing Photography by Andy Anderson, a new coffee table book exclusively about saltwater fishing, captures the beauty of these places. The photos are gorgeous...this is a lush book dense on beauty and light on words. Published by Rizzoli, who specializes in high-end coffee table books like this, the book is the nicest I’ve seen on the subject. The book is driven by photos by Andy Anderson, whose work is incredible.  Some of the photos in the book...are remarkable as much for their quality as for how they were taken...these shots transport you.  But they don’t, thankfully, always transport you very far away: many of the shots are of New England, and the Northeast. I always like seeing these places represented, to remind people that not only do we have great fishing here in New England, but we have great beauty as well. In the end, I was grateful to be reminded of how glad I am to live in New England.” ~New England On The Fly

    “Andy Anderson was the first photographer that I couldn’t afford. He got so good, so fast, that he was getting assignments from Ram Trucks and Trump Hotel. But Salt shows why his stock soared: when he did shoot flyfishing, there was nobody better. His close-ups are superb, but it’s Anderson’s many shots of anglers from a distance—wading the flats or the surf, or sitting in a skiff—that I like best, several of which are in the book. (Including The Drake 2002 cover.) Tom Rosenbauer adds a level of writing to match the photos, and the result is one of those rare coffee table books that you’ll actually want on your table.” ~Tom Bie, Publisher of The Drake

    "If you want to understand the passion for fishing on the edge of the ocean, or if you already have that passion but want to know why you feel it so intensely, then Salt is the book for you." ~Tom McGuane

    “Andy Anderson can swap fish tales with the best of them. From the Bahamas to the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Northwest, the photographer and G&G contributor has spent nearly two decades documenting coastal fishing in all of its briny glory. Now, he has gathered almost two hundred of his favorite shots in Salt: Coastal and Flats Fishing, a gorgeous chronicle of waterborne adventure.

    Anderson captures fishermen as only a member of the tribe could, attuned to their dramas and joys. And when the going gets rough, he keeps on shooting. Whether bellying up to a bonefish in the Florida Keys, watching a bluefin boat emerge from a cloud of spray off the Atlantic coast, or capturing a wall of roaring surf looking over a North Carolina beach, Anderson is not afraid to put himself in the heart of the action—which helps explain why he has lost about a dozen high-end cameras to the elements over the years. As any angler can tell you, sometimes you get the best results by stepping outside the mainstream.” ~Garden and Gun

    “Fishing, like photography, is a solitary pursuit, one that requires vast reserves of patience, a sensitivity to subtle movements, and lightning quick reflexes. Capturing the sport’s hard-won pleasures on film requires still another helping of each, which is why Andy Anderson, a T&C contributor and lifelong fisherman himself, was able to produce such a magnificent book on the subject. Salt distills the work of 20 years, during which Anderson has logged a lot of miles (and reeled in a few trophies), from the Berry Islands to Eureka, California. In their alternating tranquility and ferocity, the pictures owe something to J.M.W. Turner.” ~Town & Country

    “I am an old-time fishing guide, outdoor action photographer (with numerous cover shots for the major outdoor magazines), and a lifelong saltwater angler. I only tell you this so you can understand my perspective and appreciation for Andy Anderson’s amazing photography in this fantastic book. My experienced eye thinks his work is awesome, and I am sure you will treasure it. It is a great addition to any angler’s library.” ~Stu Apte
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