Tea Written by Christine Dattner, Photographed by Sophie Boussahba
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Written by Christine Dattner, Photographed by Sophie Boussahba

  • September 18, 2007
  • Boxed Set
  • Cooking - Beverages - Coffee & Tea
  • Flammarion
  • 8-1/4 x 8-1/4
  • $17.95
  • $22.00
  • 978-2-08-030022-5

About This Book

In two eye-catching volumes, which include The History of Tea and The Taste of Tea, this beautiful box-set succeeds in serving as both a historical and practical manual for tea lovers and amateurs alike. The History of Tea recounts the geopolitical complexities that have followed the discovery of this “green gold” and its cultural role both past and present. The Taste of Tea, organized by country, acquaints readers with tea varieties that will have them rushing off to brew a cup in no time.Throughout these exquisitely illustrated pages, Christine Dattner explores not only the essentials of an English high tea or the origins of the most famous British tea brands, like Twinings and Fortnum & Mason, but also the intricate formalities of a Japanese tea ceremony and the unique way in which Tibetans continue to prepare tea. From blue-green tea and yellow tea to grilled green tea and modern blends with hints of chocolate, Christine Dattner–a renowned tea blender from Les Contes de Thé in Paris–divulges all her secrets and know-how related to the beverage whose popularity has continued to flourish since its discovery. An ideal gift idea, Tea explains all there is to know about one of the world’s most ancient pleasures.

About the Author

Christine Dattner participates in many lectures and debates as she continues to produce original blends of teas and travel the world in pursuit of new flavors. She is the author of the The Book of Green Tea (Universe, 2003) and co-author of a book on the health benefits of tea, published in French by Flammarion.

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