4000 Champagnes Written by Richard Juhlin
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4000 Champagnes

Written by Richard Juhlin

  • August 30, 2005
  • Hardcover
  • Cooking - Beverages - Alcoholic - General
  • Flammarion
  • 9 x 10-1/2
  • $60.00
  • $84.00
  • 978-2-08-030470-4

About This Book

Winner of the Louis Roederer International Champagne Writer of the Year Award 2005

4000 Champagnes, unprecedented in scope, plunges readers into the culture, history, and potential of this treasured beverage. Rich in description and practical in its application, 4000 Champagnes is divided into two main sections. The first is a passionate and comprehensive account of the Champagne region and its wines. It includes chapters on champagne's history, winemaking methodology, growing conditions, food matches, labels, a tour of the towns and villages of the French region, and sparkling wines from across the globe. In the book's groundbreaking and expansive section of tasting notes, Richard Juhlin provides the reader with practical information culled from his personal experiences at over 4000 tastings. A detailed portrait of each champagne house precedes a rating and description of each of the wines tasted there. Such depth of insight from a single source has never before been available. Written in Juhlin's authoritative and often humorous voice, 4000 Champagnes is an indispensable buying and tasting tool and an entertaining account of the history of champagne. The book includes several "best champagnes" lists, champagne statistics, telephone numbers and addresses of thousands of champagne producers, and a glossary. 4000 Champagnes is the supreme guide to a drink that has come to epitomize luxury and elegance.

About the Author

Richard Juhlin has been hailed "The Champagne King" by the likes of Henri Krug and Christian Pol-Roger. A celebrated Swedish champagne expert, Juhlin was a principal organizer for the famous Millennium tasting. Juhlin's published works include La Grande Dégustation and 2000 Champagnes, and he holds the world record for the most champagnes ever tasted.

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