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Gardens of Beauty Preface by Paolo Pejrone, Photographed by Dario Fusaro, Text by Lucia Impelluso
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Gardens of Beauty: Italian Gardens of the Borromeo Islands

Preface by Paolo Pejrone, Photographed by Dario Fusaro, Text by Lucia Impelluso

  • May 16, 2017
  • Hardcover
  • Gardening - Garden Design
  • Electa
  • 9-4/5 x 9-4/5
  • $45.00
  • $60.00
  • 978-88-918102-2-9

About This Book

A tribute to the beauty of the famed Italian gardens of Isola Bella and Isola Madre, two precious jewels of Italy’s Lake Maggiore.
The islands of Isola Bella and Isola Madre have belonged to the Borromeo family since the sixteenth century. From the very beginning, this noble Italian family aimed to transform these fishing islands into small earthly paradises boasting lush gardens. 
With stunning photography and informative texts, this book explores the enchanting scenery of both islands. Named after Countess Isabella Borromeo, Isola Bella is an attractive terraced pyramid of formal gardens with baroque scenery of monumental stairs, statue-topped balustrades, and obelisks. Isola Madre, the largest of the lake islands, has a beautiful Renaissance palace surrounded by a botanical garden, famous for its variety of flowers and plants due to the mild climate. The exquisite flora includes azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias, ancient camellias, water lilies, lotus flowers, and Mediterranean citrus plants.
So magical that they even once fascinated the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, the Borromeo Gardens are breathtakingly represented in this lavishly illustrated tome.

About the Author

Paolo Pejorne is one of the most famous Italian garden designers. Since the 1970s he has designed over two hundred gardens around the world for clients including the Agnelli family, the Rothschild family, and the Agha Khan Karim. He is the current designer of the Borromeo Gardens.

Dario Fusaro
specializes in photography of gardens, architecture, and landscapes both natural and urban.

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