Future Publications

  • Design Remix

    The first book from Elle Decor A-List interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins, known for his colorful, youthful traditionalism. Corey Damen Jenkins’s bold interiors have won a devoted following….

    March 2021 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-8478-6973-2

  • Designing Paradise: Juan Montoya

    Interior-design legend Juan Montoya takes us on a tropical adventure with his recent breathtaking seaside residential projects. No typology lends itself more naturally to Juan Montoya’s creative impulses…

    March 2021 Hardcover $65.00 978-0-8478-6997-8

  • DISC Interiors: Portraits of Home

    Krista Schrock and David John Dick, founders of DISC Interiors, masterfully combine traditional inspiration with contemporary elegance. Headed by principals Krista Schrock and David John Dick, DISC Interiors…

    March 2021 Hardcover $60.00 978-0-8478-6998-5

  • Discover France in 100 Destinations

    Twelve thematic chapters dedicated to the places that define the soul of France offer readers 100 “best of” destinations to the most beautiful, iconic, and evocative cities, sites,…

    March 2021 Trade Paperback $19.95 978-2-08-020446-2

  • Dream Rooms for Children

    Dream Rooms for Children presents excellent designs for kids’ rooms, featuring stylish spaces created by well-known designers, parents, and even the kids themselves. Dream Rooms for Children takes…

    March 2021 Hardcover $50.00 978-0-8478-6708-0


    The illustrated history of a seminal New York neighborhood–a story of birth, decline, and renewal, of high design, of grit and glamour–a tale of real estate wrangling, of…

    February 2021 Hardcover $65.00 978-0-8478-6545-1

  • Earth MOB

    A simple, straight-talking handbook that deals with the ecological problems of our age and how we can tackle them from our kitchens MOB Kitchen are the pioneers of…

    February 2021 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-911663-27-0

  • Eat Cool

    A stylish and modern guide to eating well while beating the heat, Eat Cool gives readers easy recipes and smart tips for delicious and satisfying meals that won’t…

    March 2021 Hardcover $39.95 978-0-8478-6994-7

  • Eat Plants, Be Happy

    Eat well for yourself and the planet, with this delicious collection of 130 plant-based recipes. We think everyone should eat more plants, and we don’t just mean two…

    March 2021 Trade Paperback $27.50 978-1-925811-64-3

  • Ebony

    In 1945, Ebony’s legendary founder John H. Johnson set out to create a magazine for Black America much like that of the trailblazing Life Magazine, and that he…

    February 2021 Hardcover $57.50 978-0-8478-6901-5

  • Effortless Style

    Pierre Sauvage, designer of luxury homewares and interiors, brings the reader inside his French homes–both urban and country–providing inspiration and advice for creating effortlessly elegant interiors and garden…

    March 2021 Hardcover $29.98 978-2-08-023653-1

  • From Field & Forest

    Image and narrative text create a beautiful journey through the seasons. Highly respected illustrator Anna Koska is best known for her drawings of fish and fruit and is…

    April 2021 Hardcover $29.95 978-1-911641-76-6

  • Good God, Lemon!

    Go behind the scenes of the laugh-out-loud sitcom that took us viewers behind the scenes: TV’s 30 Rock. It’s been over eight years the show since ended, but…

    March 2021 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-925811-73-5

  • Gracie Mansion

    A tribute to the unique, historic home and New York City treasure–a classic volume first published in 2005 is here revised and updated for today, with a new…

    March 2021 Hardcover $60.00 978-0-8478-6956-5

  • Grow Your Own Pet Plants

    This practical (and adorably illustrated) book offers tips on how to turn random garden cuttings into lifelong plant friends. Buying houseplants is an addiction. You might start with…

    April 2021 Hardcover $14.95 978-1-922417-06-0