Cooking & Entertaining

  • Toscano Cigars

    The fascinating history of the Toscano cigar, published in celebration of the brand’s two hundredth anniversary. Marking two centuries since the birth of the Toscano cigar, this book reconstructs…

    November 2017 Hardcover $75.00 978-0-8478-6082-1 Rizzoli

  • The Twisted Soul Cookbook

    Invigorating authentic Southern soul cooking with new inspiration, acclaimed chef Deborah VanTrece elevates classic comfort food into unique, surprising dishes worth celebrating. Deborah VanTrece’s Kansas City roots, wide…

    March 2021 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-6969-5 Rizzoli

  • The United States of Pizza

    Recipes for homegrown pies from all regions of the country. Chef Craig Priebe has scoured the countryside, stopping in promising pizzerias to discover the tastiest pies. Smoked ham and…

    September 2015 Hardcover $30.00 978-0-7893-2944-8 Rizzoli

  • The Unqualified Hostess

    The legendary actor and comedian shows how to set a great table, shares ideas for unforgettable celebrations, and says, “It’s about fun, not perfection!” In her own words……

    September 2019 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-6698-4 Rizzoli

  • Vegetarian Salad for Dinner

    The vegetarian sequel to Jeanne Kelley’s highly successful cookbook Salad for Dinner (2012). This inspiring single-subject cookbook reimagines the traditional idea of a salad as a main course…

    February 2023 Hardcover $40.00 978-0-8478-9940-1 Rizzoli

  • Venice: Four Seasons of Home Cooking

    A dazzling tribute to Italy’s greatest “hidden” regional cuisine by the author of the bestselling and groundbreaking cookbook Polpo Returning to the city of his gastronomic inspiration, Norman…

    September 2018 Hardcover $40.00 978-0-8478-6318-1 Rizzoli

  • The Vineyard Cookbook

    Explore and savor the best of American wine and wineries with this simple and elegant guide. Filled with wine pairings and recipes for all seasons and occasions. The…

    March 2009 Hardcover $24.95 978-1-59962-064-0 Welcome Books

  • Vino, I Love You

    Oscar Farinetti is currently considered one of Italy’s greatest entrepreneurs, a visionary, able to export “Made in Italy” anywhere. Vino, I Love You comes from an intuition, or…

    September 2014 Hardcover $29.95 978-88-918013-8-8 Rizzoli

  • What to Eat for How You Feel

    This indispensable kitchen companion brings the ancient art of delicious healthy cooking to the twenty-first century with flavors adapted for the contemporary Western palate.   Drawing on her…

    April 2017 Hardcover $39.95 978-0-8478-5968-9 Rizzoli

  • The Whole Hog Cookbook

    There’s a whole world of pork to love, as demonstrated in this cookbook devoted to every cut of the hog. Plump sausages sputtering on the grill, thick bacon…

    September 2011 Hardcover $30.00 978-0-8478-3682-6 Rizzoli

  • Wine Appreciation

    Choose the right wine for every occasion from 500 recommended wines, from rightfully acclaimed classics to imaginative newcomers. There is a perfect wine for every occasion, no matter…

    November 2013 Hardcover $29.95 978-0-7893-2702-4 Universe

  • Wine in Words

    Delectably brief essays that tell you only what you need to know to enjoy wine. There are wine encyclopedias, bibles, and guides—this is not one of those books….

    April 2015 Hardcover $29.95 978-0-8478-4543-9 Rizzoli Ex Libris

  • Wine With Food

    INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards — 2014 GOLD Winner for Cooking 100 wines paired with more than 100 dishes, from two of the most respected experts in…

    April 2014 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-4221-6 Rizzoli

  • Wineries of the World

    Twenty-five beautifully made wineries by contemporary architects the world over illustrate the connection between winery design and the modern movement toward integrating wine-making with lifestyle and the enjoyment…

    October 2021 Hardcover $55.00 978-0-8478-6958-9 Rizzoli

  • The Women's Heritage Sourcebook

    The book of the movement that applies homegrown practices of self-sufficiency to modern life. 2020 BRONZE WINNER OF THE FOREWORD INDIES AWARD IN COOKING Homesteading is a lifestyle of…

    March 2020 Hardcover $35.00 978-1-59962-155-5 Welcome Books