Cooking & Entertaining

  • The Pasta Codex

    Featuring 1,001 recipes compiled over thirty years of research and travel, The Pasta Codex relates the history and traditions behind the world’s most famous food, with recipes for…

    October 2020 Hardcover $49.95 978-0-8478-6874-2 Rizzoli

  • Patisserie

    Newly updated and expanded with 3,500 step-by-step photographs, all the classics of French patisserie are made accessible for the home cook. For every serious home baker, French pastry…

    February 2013 Hardcover $55.00 978-0-8478-3962-9 Rizzoli

  • Pecans

    The first high-quality illustrated cookbook devoted to pecans in everyday recipes, from salads and snacks to smoothies and sauces. A delicious superfood, the pecan is quintessentially American but…

    September 2019 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-6456-0 Rizzoli

  • Petite Patisserie

    A delightful volume devoted to the delicate, charming treats that are the soul of France’s neighborhood patisseries. With Felder’s expert guidance, any home cook can now re-create the…

    September 2020 Hardcover $45.00 978-0-8478-6915-2 Rizzoli

  • Picture Perfect Parties

    Annette Joseph, Today Show entertaining expert, knows how to throw a party. Her motto: Make it simple and make it gorgeous! She is able to combine down-to-earth gusto…

    October 2013 Hardcover $39.95 978-0-8478-4103-5 Rizzoli

  • The Portable Feast

    Brilliant solutions for making packed meals that are as inventive as they are convenient. Whether you’re planning a picnic in the park, taking lunch on the plane, making…

    April 2016 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-4747-1 Rizzoli

  • Primal Cuts

    Butchery was nearly a dead art, until a recent renaissance turned progressive meat cutters into culinary cult idols. Inspired by a locally driven, nose-to-tail approach to butchery, this…

    March 2016 Trade Paperback $24.95 978-1-59962-134-0 Welcome Books

  • Princess Pamela's Soul Food Cookbook

    A new edition gives due to this long-lost classic that helped define soul food.   Princess Pamela ruled a small realm, but her powers ranged far and wide….

    October 2021 Hardcover $30.00 978-0-8478-5842-2 Rizzoli

  • The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook

    The secrets behind the delicious vegetarian cuisine of one of the world’s greatest spas. You come to The Ranch at Live Oak for transformation. Nestled high in the…

    March 2015 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-4485-2 Rizzoli

  • Real Maine Food

    Down-home recipes from the best restaurants, food artisans, bakeries, and farmers across the state. Eating a hot buttered lobster roll is like taking a mini-vacation: it conjures the…

    March 2015 Hardcover $35.00 978-0-8478-4486-9 Rizzoli

  • The Recipe

    Michelin-starred chef Josh Emett brings together more than 300 of the most important classic recipes by 150 of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. Taken together, this is a…

    May 2019 Hardcover $40.00 978-0-8478-6346-4 Rizzoli

  • Ricky Lauren

    Back in print, this classic book, inspired by the author’s time on the RL Ranch in Colorado, offers her ideas for entertaining, cooking, and living Western. This is…

    September 2024 Hardcover $55.00 978-0-8478-9962-3 Rizzoli

  • Rika's Modern Japanese Home Cooking

    With her first U.S. cookbook, internationally celebrated chef and TV personality Rika Yukimasa offers simplified, often healthier versions of popular Japanese dishes and also introduces less-well-known ones. Everyone…

    March 2020 Hardcover $40.00 978-0-8478-6692-2 Rizzoli

  • Risotto and Beyond

    Fresh off winning 1st place in the Italian category and 2nd place in the rice category at the 2019 Gourmand International Cookbook Awards, this book is a definitive…

    March 2018 Hardcover $37.50 978-0-8478-6236-8 Rizzoli

  • Roberta's: Still Cookin'

    Carlo Mirarchi and Brandon Hoy, the creative minds behind Roberta’s, are at it again with a follow-up to their best-selling cookbook. Roberta’s: Still Cookin’ takes a deep dive into the…

    November 2021 Hardcover $40.00 978-0-8478-6980-0 Rizzoli