Get ready to add holes to your belt and to let out your pants because it’s that time of year again! What better way to celebrate the holidays than with delicious food, festive drinks, and sweet desserts. As a thank you to our friends and fans, Rizzoli is sharing a wide array of recipes from world-renowned chefs and tastemakers—covering everything from appetizers to dessert—that will make your celebrations memorable.

Roast Turkey with Sherry and Giblet Gravy

A tried-and-true classic turkey recipe from Alex Hitz, “the very best host in the world” says the Wall Street Journal.

From The Art of the Host: Recipes And Rules For Flawless Entertaining

Tips for the Perfect Turkey

TRUSS LOOSELY: Legs that are tied tightly against the sides of the turkey take longer to roast, putting the breast meat at risk of overcooking. Tying the turkey too tightly can also prevent the thighs from cooking evenly.

THE PERFECT PAN: Look for a heavy-duty stainless steel roasting pan with 2-inch sides. Sides that are too high prevent the lower part of the bird from browning properly and make basting difficult.

THE RIGHT RUB: Olive oil and melted clarified butter are two of the best rubs. Slather over the entire turkey to create even, brown skin. Then sprinkle with kosher salt (unless the turkey has been brined) to help crisp the skin.

UPSIDE DOWN: Place the turkey upside down in a roasting rack to collect the natural juices in the breast, which tends to be dry. After roasting for 1 hour, flip the turkey breast-side up to finish roasting. The marks on the breast from the rack will disappear as it continues to cook.

AVOID BURNING THE BIRD: If the bird is browning quickly, but is not near doneness (170ºF), lightly tent the turkey loosely with foil and continue roasting.

DELECTABLE DRIPPINGS: Pan drippings make the best gravy. If the drippings are getting too dark, add a couple of tablespoons of water to keep them from burning.

LET IT REST: The intense heat of the oven forces the juices into the center of the bird. After roasting, let the turkey rest for roughly 20 minutes. The juices will redistribute, resulting in moist slices.

From Entertaining at Home: Inspirations from Celebrated Hosts

Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Honey & Herbs

A beloved childhood recipe from consummate hostess and lifestyle expert Julia Reed that showcases her entertaining know-how and the flavors of New Orleans.

From Julia Reed’s New Orleans

Duck Breast à L’Orange

Laurent Buttazzoni—renowned French architect, gourmand, and celebrated host of delightful dinner parties in Paris—shares his recipe for tender duck breasts with a hint of orange zest.

From Diner à la Maison: A Parisian’s Guide to Cooking and Entertaining at Home

Pot Roast Brisket of Beef

Chef Laura Mason presents this traditional recipe for brisket, including a rich marinade perfect for slow roasting to lock in the flavor.

From Roasts

Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese

*Vegan, Gluten-free

“This version is pretty different from a traditional meat sauce in taste and texture, but provides that same familiar, warm, tomatoey flavor. I love the addition of mushrooms, as they give a real heartiness, and the red wine helps bubble up that authentic bolognese aroma.” —Chef Clare Scrine

From The Shared Table: Vegetarian and Vegan Feasts to Cook for Your Crowd


This rich, crackling-coated pork roast, unlike traditional porchetta, is pure belly. This not only ensures a tender, tasty outcome, but it also means that the entire roast will be cooked through, without any part drying out.

From The Italian Table: Creating Festive Meals for Family and Friends

Seafood Gumbo

For many in Louisiana, gumbo is the traditional Christmas meal—the perfect way to bring some of New Orleans’ famously warm hospitality to the holidays.

From Julia Reed’s New Orleans

Classic Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington, despite its impressive appearance, is pretty easy to make. This recipe is no exception—just one of the 300+ recipes Michelin-starred chef Josh Emett gathered from the world’s most acclaimed chefs for his new book, The Recipe.

From The Recipe: Classic Dishes for the Home Cook from the World’s Best Chefs

Chicken Pot Pie

“Kerber’s Farm was originally a poultry farm, and one of its best-selling items was chicken pot pie. When I purchased Kerber’s in 2013, I wanted to honor this heritage and continue the legacy by reimagining this popular dish. This decadent and rich comfort food is sure to please, and it has been voted the “tastiest dish” by Taste of Long Island.” —Nick Voulgaris

From The Kerber’s Farm Cookbook: A Year’s Worth of Seasonal Country Cooking

Braised Lamb Shanks

“This exquisite, hearty braised lamb shank was a staple of my grandmother T’s dining room when I was growing up… I only love well-done lamb if it can be cut with a spoon and is falling off the bone, so if that’s your pleasure, [enjoy this] slow-braised super-tender masterpiece I call, ‘T’s Braised Lamb Shanks’.” —Alex Hitz

From The Art of the Host: Recipes And Rules For Flawless Entertaining

Spinach, Ricotta & Butternut Squash Lasagne

“Oooooh, the layers. The rich ricotta and butternut squash purée. The silky spinach and the cheesy top. This one knocks the classic lasagne out of the park!” —Ben Lebus

From MOB Kitchen: Big Flavors on a Small Budget