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April 29, 2015

Praise for Rizzoli’s Newest Titles

After what felt to many like the longest winter on record, the trees have begun to bud, the flowers are in bloom, and Spring is finally upon us.

As we move into this season of renewal, Rizzoli is honored to receive praise for our Spring 2015 titles from a number of well-regarded and respected news outlets and publications. We present to you a sampling of their reviews below.


“A battered painted dresser; an overstuffed sofa covered in faded, flowered fabric; a chipped vase filled with nearly-gone cabbage roses; a light fixture draped in ropes of rock crystal. These design elements are a few of the lasting legacies of Shabby Chic, the home décor empire founded in the late ’80s by British transplant Rachel Ashwell. In her latest book, The World of Shabby Chic, the design doyenne looks back on her humble start in both life and business and shows how to mix tattered elegance with easy comfort.”
L.A. Times


India Hick: Island Style invites us all to slide into our metallic espadrilles and find comfort in the shade in a hammock alongside she and her naturally tanned brood… The timeless homes she designs are strikingly gorgeous and provide more stylistic range than I would have expected in a book of this title. Her eye for detail and breadth of knowledge is clear, as is her father’s influence. The influential David Hicks would be incredibly proud of India’s regal take on casual living. It is inspiring to see the wide range of styles that comprise island living. This stunning book she offers a roadmap for achieving a similar aesthetic into your own home.”
Franki Durbin

“A new book by interior designer Windsor Smith celebrates interiors that are at once elegant and practical. ‘I want to knock down conventions and open up rooms so they work with the way we live now,’ she writes in the introduction to Windsor Smith Homefront: Design for Modern Living. ‘I don’t aspire to create beautiful rooms for people, as much as I want to change the way we live in them.’”
Architectural Digest


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