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August 27, 2013

Colt: The Revolver of the American West

Look inside Colt: The Revolver of the American West, the new book featuring the 100 most significant Colt revolvers from the world’s finest collection.

The Colt Single Action Revolver “won the West” by being the gun of choice on the American frontier, used by everyone from settlers and Native Americans to law-enforcement officers and outlaws. As a result of their shared history, the Colt revolver and the American West will forever be connected. Over its twenty-five-year history, the Autry National Center has compiled the finest assemblage of more than 500 Colt revolvers in the world, including the Colt Industries corporate collection. In this book, the Autry’s curator has selected the 100 most important examples to document and celebrate the history of Samuel Colt’s revolutionary invention.

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August 22, 2013

The Dream of an Ideal Home

Architect Allan Greenberg, author of the new monograph Allan Greenberg: Classical Architect, discusses the dream of an ideal home and his role in helping his clients achieve that dream.

A leading exponent of classical architecture, Allan Greenberg’s work is renowned for its historically inspired fa├žades, its classical detail, and the highest level of craftsmanship. Collaborating with leading sculptors, wood-carvers, mosaicists, metalworkers, and ornamental plasterers to create beautiful details that make his work unique, Greenberg has produced buildings that radiate a sense of classic beauty and artistic integrity.

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August 8, 2013

Love Where You Live: At Home in the Country

Design expert Joan Osofsky of Hammertown Barn, a popular lifestyle store, shares her in-depth knowledge on stylish modern country living with a collection of creative ideas and real-life tips for making your home warm and welcoming. Osofsky’s book Love Where You Live: At Home in the Country, co-authored by Abby Adams, is full of practical decorating tips and easy and casual hosting ideas that are truly inspiring for today’s informal country lifestyle.

Click here to learn more about and look inside the new book Love Where You Live: At Home in the Country, on sale September 3rd.

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