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November 1, 2017

HOLIDAY RECIPES courtesy of Rizzoli

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As Thanksgiving nears, it is the perfect time to start planning your holiday festivities. Whether coordinating a Thanksgiving dinner, hosting a Christmas celebration, or lighting the Hanukkah menorah, Rizzoli can help with recipes and entertaining tips that will delight friends and family with the perfect mix of food, drinks, and holiday cheer.


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Whether serving ten guests or forty, modeling your holiday meal after a potluck is a great way to create the feeling of family that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season. Joan Osofsky, author of Entertaining in the Country, offers her tips for a successful gathering:

“In the invitation we encouraged our friends to let us know if they would like to bring something. (It would be terribly rude to demand that they do so.) For the next few weeks e-mails and phone calls flew back and forth as the menu evolved. We wanted to avoid duplicates—and to make sure that all the bases (starters, mains, desserts) were covered. [We] made up cards for each dish with the name of the cook and the recipe title, and set them on place card holders. The cards made it easy to organize the party offerings. We put the starters near the bar, encouraging guests to mingle while we arranged the main-course platters on the long table in the kitchen. Desserts were set on a round table in the corner. The guests served themselves. Seating consisted of chairs around tables in three rooms, in addition to sofas. The party was a huge success.”


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“Spit Roasted” Leg of Lamb, Orange, Coriander, Honey


“The first time I made this dish it was indeed on a spit and it was wonderful to watch the lamb slowly cook until it was deeply charred and caramelized on the outside, yet still pink on the inside. The reality is that most of us don’t have spits at our disposal but it sounds like a romantic way to cook a whole leg of lamb and, luckily, it is easy to replicate the same effects in an oven with results that are just as satisfying. Lamb is by far my favorite meat and it always has been ever since the childhood days when I insisted on ordering whole racks well done. This is a nice dish to think of when you need to serve a crowd, not just because a leg of lamb is a lot of meat, but also because it’s pretty impressive when you present it to your guests.” —Author and chef, Missy Robbins


Roasted Veal Shank for the Holidays


Slow Food, the international defender of local food traditions, scoured the countryside of every region of Italy to collect and share the best traditional recipes from osterie, the humble local taverns that preserve the heritage of true Italian cooking. This recipe is a result of that research—just one of a 1,000 compelling recipes in Osteria that highlight ingenuity with rustic ingredients and the generous hospitality of these off-the-beaten-track gems—and is a dish fit for a family celebration.


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