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November 1, 2017

HOLIDAY RECIPES courtesy of Rizzoli

As Thanksgiving nears, it is the perfect time to start planning your holiday festivities. Whether coordinating a Thanksgiving dinner, hosting a Christmas celebration, or lighting the Hanukkah menorah, Rizzoli can help with recipes and entertaining tips that will delight friends and family with the perfect mix of food, drinks, and holiday cheer.


Or download the full menu HERE



Whether serving ten guests or forty, modeling your holiday meal after a potluck is a great way to create the feeling of family that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season. Joan Osofsky, author of Entertaining in the Country, offers her tips for a successful gathering:

“In the invitation we encouraged our friends to let us know if they would like to bring something. (It would be terribly rude to demand that they do so.) For the next few weeks e-mails and phone calls flew back and forth as the menu evolved. We wanted to avoid duplicates—and to make sure that all the bases (starters, mains, desserts) were covered. [We] made up cards for each dish with the name of the cook and the recipe title, and set them on place card holders. The cards made it easy to organize the party offerings. We put the starters near the bar, encouraging guests to mingle while we arranged the main-course platters on the long table in the kitchen. Desserts were set on a round table in the corner. The guests served themselves. Seating consisted of chairs around tables in three rooms, in addition to sofas. The party was a huge success.”


19152_MissyRobbins_Final(P228-230 Not Final).indd

“Spit Roasted” Leg of Lamb, Orange, Coriander, Honey


“The first time I made this dish it was indeed on a spit and it was wonderful to watch the lamb slowly cook until it was deeply charred and caramelized on the outside, yet still pink on the inside. The reality is that most of us don’t have spits at our disposal but it sounds like a romantic way to cook a whole leg of lamb and, luckily, it is easy to replicate the same effects in an oven with results that are just as satisfying. Lamb is by far my favorite meat and it always has been ever since the childhood days when I insisted on ordering whole racks well done. This is a nice dish to think of when you need to serve a crowd, not just because a leg of lamb is a lot of meat, but also because it’s pretty impressive when you present it to your guests.” —Author and chef, Missy Robbins


Roasted Veal Shank for the Holidays


Slow Food, the international defender of local food traditions, scoured the countryside of every region of Italy to collect and share the best traditional recipes from osterie, the humble local taverns that preserve the heritage of true Italian cooking. This recipe is a result of that research—just one of a 1,000 compelling recipes in Osteria that highlight ingenuity with rustic ingredients and the generous hospitality of these off-the-beaten-track gems—and is a dish fit for a family celebration.


Milk-Baked Ham


“Soul food, black folk cooking, is compassion food. Greens from the root, and meat near the vitals and the marrow. Culinary genius applied to overlooked odds and ends and to leftovers. Eating, still close enough to honest-to-God hunger, to impart to food a savor deep enough for joy and solace.” Princess Pamela ruled a small realm, but her powers ranged far and wide. Her speakeasy-style restaurant in Manhattan was for three decades a hip salon, with regulars from Andy Warhol to Diana Ross. Her iconic Southern dishes influenced chefs nationwide, and her cookbook became a bible for a generation who yearned for the home cooking left behind in the Great Migration.



BK bar bites

Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie with Mushroom Sauce


“Made with layered sautéed vegetables, greens, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes and served with a mushroom sauce, this is a heavenly version of shepherd’s pie. It can be prepared as a vegan dish by mashing the potatoes with olive oil, or you can go the traditional route by adding butter and cream.” —Grand Ferry Tavern, Brooklyn



19152_MissyRobbins_Final(P228-230 Not Final).indd

Schmaltzy Stuffing


“Stuffing is another one of the classics in my mom’s small but finely honed and perfected repertoire. Many people put sausage or oysters in their stuffing, but in my house it was schmaltz, or rendered chicken fat. I’d always wanted to master my mom’s stuffing and I finally got the opportunity to recreate it for friends and family at Thanksgiving during my year off. But I managed to put my own stamp on it while sticking to her schmaltz secret when I discovered that Martin’s Potato bread makes pre-made croutons for Thanksgiving.” —Author and chef, Missy Robbins


Stuffed Artichokes


This recipe offers just one of many variations of this traditional Italian dish. At the Osteria dell’Acquasanta in Mele (province of Genova), they make a stuffing out of the artichoke hearts and stems, garlic, parsley, marjoram, a drop of extra-virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. In Catania, Alfonso La Rosa makes a stuffing of grated aged sheep’s cheese, bread-crumbs, anchovies, garlic, and parsley and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. Another Sicilian version replaces the anchovy with crumbled pork sausage.




Rum-Citrus Baba


“This baba recipe (or perhaps it’s a savarin, I’m never quite sure) came to us from Poland and has now been adopted as a specialty of the Lorraine. Its originality lies in the fact that it contains beurre noisette, browned butter, which brings it an incomparable taste. To brighten it up and add a tangy note, we have enhanced it with a little citrus.” —Christophe Felder and Camille Lesecq, pâtissiers


soufflÇ (1)

Chocolate Soufflés


Belgium’s foremost practitioner of the art of fine chocolate making, Pierre Marcolini shares his passion for confections that have been acclaimed as the world’s most delectable chocolate creations. This recipe is a fitting tribute to the first chocolatier to create his chocolates according to a bean-to-bar philosophy–an idea born from the realization that just as the finest wines reflect the “terroir” in which the grapes are grown, so too would chocolate benefit from careful selection from specific estates.




Holiday Cocktails


Whether you prefer a Bellini with brunch, a cocktail during cocktail hour, or a non-alcoholic punch, holidays just aren’t holidays without a little something to drink. From Aperitivo, we present a recipe for a Bellini straight from Venice, as well as a recipe for Posto Punch (seen here), a non-alcoholic beverage from Un Posto a Milano, a restaurant tucked away inside the courtyard of an eighteenth-century urban farmhouse in Milan. From Entertaining in the Country, the Thanxmas cocktail is a home-made creation for author Abby Adams’s original “Thanxmas” holiday, which takes place on a Saturday afternoon midway between Thanksgiving and Christmas.




Pumpkin Waffles with Sour Cream and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


“One morning at my original restaurant, I was feeling adventurous during breakfast service. While we were scooping the pumpkin muffin batter into the tins, I also baked off a scoop in the waffle iron. I took a bite and thought, “This is really good.” I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Once I perfected my pumpkin waffles and started serving them, they immediately became one of our signature waffles. Customers have patiently waited in long lines just to eat them. Slightly sweet and accented with warm spices, this waffle is fantastic with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of crunchy toasted pumpkin seeds. Raisins add a little extra sweetness, but some people prefer these with a bit of honey instead.” —Sarabeth Levine



Eggs Hollandaise Highclere Castle


“Whereas Eggs Benedict was created in New York and includes ham, the origin of Eggs Florentine-which includes spinach-is obscure. Nevertheless, both dishes are wonderfully indulgent and therefore my husband disapproves of either for breakfast. One morning, however, when he had left quite early, probably to go shooting, I was left alone, quite content, at the end of the table in the Dining Room, slowly devouring the Eggs Hollandaise Highclere Castle that Paul, our chef, had thought would be a lovely treat for me. They were-Paul’s variant features the spinach from Florentine and the ham from Benedict.” —Lady Carnarvon of Highclere Castle


October 5, 2017

New October Books from Rizzoli

It’s officially autumn and our list of Fall releases is growing by the week.
This month brings books covering subjects as varied as master interior designers, celebrated fashion icons, and renowned artists and photographers. View October’s new titles below or view the complete list upcoming books here.


Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.55.13 PM

Diane Keaton’s The House that Pinterest Built
When Diane Keaton decided that she wanted to build her own home from the ground up, she took the advice of her dear friend, film director Nancy Meyers, and took to the boards of Pinterest to find inspiration. The House that Pinterest Built defines what home and house mean to the celebrated movie star, who is known for her love affair with houses and design. Filled with ideas that reveal a personal yet engaging aesthetic, this volume includes compelling photos from Keaton’s past homes and those she admires.

Victoria Hagan: Dream Spaces
In her much-anticipated second book, Victoria Hagan shares an exquisite selection of new interiors that embody the “soft modern” look that distinguishes her work. A major force in the design community, Hagan is the master of juxtaposing old and new, showing luxury through simplicity, and creating homes that reflect their owners’ lives.

Havana Living Today: Cuban Home Style Now
Havana Living Today presents both stylish homes that survived the Cuban Revolution as well as innovative Havana interiors created in recent years amid the beginning of a new era and lifestyle. Far from the cliché images of dilapidated palazzos and 1950s-era cars, this book presents a vibrant, creative, and forward-looking city through the lens of an eclectic collection of domestic interiors.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.54.56 PM

Authentic Design: Lauren Rottet and Rottet Studio
The work of this celebrated American designer and architect, known for creating spaces that balance modern simplicity and historic detail.

The Interiors and Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino: A Painterly Vision
A fresh look at the interiors of Renzo Mongiardino–considered one of the finest designers of the late twentieth century.

Fabulous!: The Dazzling Interiors of Tom Britt
The first book on the famed designer, renowned for rooms with bold color, strong graphic contrasts, and stylish innovations.

At Home with Dogs and Their Designers: Sharing a Stylish Life
In this new book, 22 A-List interior designers show readers how to live in style with their adorable dogs. The book includes an array of tips for keeping both your home and dogs attractive and chic as they romp through stunning interiors and gardens. It is as much an inspirational design book as it is a resource, packed with clever tips from the designers themselves.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.55.03 PM

Home: The Best of The New York Times Home Section
With striking photographs and compelling stories from its vast home-design archive, the editors of the New York Times’s beloved Home section offer a look at how contemporary homeowners make the most of their living spaces-whether small or stately, rural or urban, historic or cutting-edge-and do it with style.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.55.31 PM

Mosques: Splendors of Islam
This book is one of the most important and authoritative books to celebrate mosque architecture and Islamic design, featuring sixty of the most venerated mosques from historic monuments such as the Great Mosque of Córdoba and Istanbul’s Süleymaniye Mosque to today’s most dynamic new designs exemplified by the Sancaklar Mosque.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.55.38 PM

Wedgwood: A Story of Creation and Innovation
The most comprehensive presentation to date of Wedgwood, English purveyor of fine china, porcelain, and luxury accessories known for its timeless, elegant, and classic designs.

Studio KO
A debut monograph on the highly sought-after French architecture duo renowned for a signature aesthetic infused with clean lines and raw minimalism.

Houses That We Dreamt Of: The Interiors of Delphine and Reed Krakoff
Combining luxury interiors, innovative period and contemporary furniture and art, and the glamour of fashion, the homes of Delphine and Reed Krakoff are unforgettable.


September 9, 2017

New September Books from Rizzoli

September is here and you know what that means?
A new season of books from Rizzoli Publications.

There are a number of titles releasing this month, covering everything from the work of renowned interior designers and celebrated artists, to the style of fashionable celebrities and cookbooks from esteemed chefs. Check out the selection of new titles below or view the complete list upcoming books here.



Poetry of Place:
The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine

This volume features the recent projects of McAlpine, one of the country’s most highly respected architecture and interior design firms, renowned for its timeless houses exemplifying the charm and elegance of traditional and vernacular English, American, and European styles blended with a modern sensibility. LOOK INSIDE

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 2.04.43 PM

A Place to Call Home:
Tradition, Style, and Memory in the New American House

For award-winning architect Gil Schafer, the most successful houses are the ones that celebrate the small moments of life-houses with timeless charm that are imbued with memory and anchored in a distinct sense of place. Essentially, Schafer believes a house is truly successful when the people who live there consider it home. LOOK INSIDE


About Decorating:
The Remarkable Rooms of Richard Keith Langham

Richard Keith Langham’s all-American interiors unite a traditional approach with dashes of whimsy, beautiful tailoring, and an exuberant color palette. In this book, Langham charms and inspires with a selection of city and country projects, replete with tradition, saturated color, elegance, and Southern flair, that will inspire and delight readers. LOOK INSIDE

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 2.04.51 PM

Beth Webb: An Eye for Beauty:
Rooms That Speak to the Senses

Beth Webb believes that regardless of who we are or what kind of style we prefer, beauty and comfort are paramount for any home. Because each room is an environment, her design elevates the everyday by speaking to the five senses. In this lavishly illustrated book, Webb explores the fundamentals of creating a home in which every element we see and touch, and how the room makes us feel, enhance our ability to live well. LOOK INSIDE

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 2.05.00 PM

Joseph Dirand: Interior
The first monograph on one of today’s most celebrated architects, renowned for designing interiors that combine minimalism with Hollywood glamour and classic French style. LOOK INSIDE

Making House: Designers at Home
This book celebrates inventive and inspired homes that are at once original and the product of visionary designers at the height of their powers. LOOK INSIDE

City Living: Apartments, Lofts, Studios, and Townhouses
In an extensive but accessible format, City Living presents small-scale contemporary urban residences that prove domesticity can be compact and beautiful as well as green and urban. LOOK INSIDE


July 15, 2017

Summer Reading from Rizzoli

Summer means getting outside, celebrating with friends and family, and taking some time to catch up on your hobbies. Below, Rizzoli presents a list of titles sure to guide you towards your summer goals or offer up some new goals you never knew you had.




from Entertaining in the Country
“Here in the country, when you invite people to dinner, they always ask:”What can I bring?”…Potluck parties are great icebreakers. In the invitation, we encouraged our friends to let us know if they would like to bring something. (It would be terribly rude to demand that they do so.) For the next few weeks, e-mails and phone calls flew back and forth as the menu evolved. We wanted to avoid duplicates-and to make sure that all the bases (starters, mains, desserts) were covered…We made up cards for each dish with the name of the cook and the recipe title and set them on place card holders. The cards made it easy to organize the party offerings. We put the starters near the bar, encouraging guests to mingle while we arranged the main-course platters on the long table in the kitchen. Desserts were set on a round table in the corner…The variety of dishes made for a great grazing.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 11.52.10 AM

1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die
This volume supplies the connoisseurs’ scoop on the world’s best beers–from exotic foreign beers to the constantly evolving world of American microbrews and home brews.

Soiree: Entertaining with Style
A preeminent hostess and tastemaker invites you to the chicest at-home parties, with detailed descriptions for invitations, flowers, table settings, linens, and more than 80 recipes.

The Art of the Cheese Plate
This book matches some of the world’s greatest cheeses with unexpected, seasonally inspired flavors, while presenting composed cheese plates for delicious entertaining.

Bridal Planner_blake_nick663
New Title

A Bride’s Planner:
Organizer, Journal, Keepsake for the Year of the Wedding

Both a stylish organizer and a source of inspiration, this is a lavishly illustrated, hardworking wedding organizer, a personal journal, and a source of ideas and information to inspire, this three-ring binder is filled with tips for the bride.

Best Seller

Pret-a-Party: Great Ideas for Good Times and Creative Entertaining
Lela Rose’s philosophy is simple: create your own occasions to create your own fun. The themes, colors, and activities she concocts for each of her parties show you to how dazzle guests with simple yet unexpected touches.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 11.52.18 AM

Salad for Dinner: Complete Meals for All Seasons
A celebration of contrasts in color, flavor, and texture–an artfully prepared salad is one of the most appealing dishes to eat, engaging all the senses. And with the right combination, a salad can be a full meal in itself.

Simple Nature: 150 New Recipes for Fresh, Healthy Dishes
For anyone interested in a healthier, lighter alternative to traditional French cuisine, this collection of simple, easy French recipes focuses on organic, locally sourced, and sustainable ingredients.

Smoke: New Firewood Cooking
Winner of the 2014 James Beard Award in the General Cooking Category: Chef Tim Byres shows how to imbue all kinds of foods with the irresistible flavor of smoke, including sections on building a firepit, smokehouse, and spit roast.


March 13, 2017

40 New Books to Brighten Your Spring

Spring: a time for renewal.

The days get longer and the sun shines warmer. As the trees and flowers begin to bloom, so does Rizzoli’s list of new Spring titles. Enjoy the sampling of books below or view our full catalog on our Catalog Downloads page.



Daniel Lismore: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken
“You better fasten your seat belt as this is pretty much visual overload or the visual feast to end all feasts. If one’s body can be considered a canvas to paint upon and clothes could be considered the paint, then Daniel Lismore is one of the greatest artists if not portraitist ever to walk the face of the earth….If you search for a book that will stimulate your mind and your senses, then Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken is a must have. The book is a conversation piece as well as a tome that deserves the attention of those who fancy themselves aficionados and cognoscenti of fashion. Think clothing as theater and spectacle!” –New York Journal of Books


Dior by Mats Gustafson
In this exquisite book, the watercolors and collages of Mats Gustafson replace the camera to capture the spirit and beauty of Dior.


Digital Girls: The Style of Fashion’s New Tribe
Today’s leading online cultural influencers–the female bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, and activists–who are shaping what’s hot and what’s not in fashion, beauty, and personal style.


Fashion Forward: 300 Years of Fashion
Tracing the evolution of fashion–from the opulence of the court of Louis XV to the catwalk couture of today–this stunningly illustrated volume charts three centuries of fashion trends and innovations.

House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth
This volume presents five centuries of historic costumes and fashions worn by family members from 18th-century fashion icon Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, to the twenty- first-century supermodel Stella Tennant.

London Sartorial
The new looks, updated traditions, and influential designers defining men’s fashion today, from the world’s capital of gentlemen’s style.


March 3, 2017

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Throughout Women’s History Month, which takes place annually during the month of March, Rizzoli is proud to present a selection of innovators, trailblazers, and liberators, all of whom bucked the social constraints of their times to become champions of women. Whether breaking into male-dominated fields or fighting against expected norms, these brave women laid the groundwork for generations of girls and women to fight for and fulfill their personal goals, whatever they may be.

Rule Breakers

Brazier at work in her Lyon restaurant’s kitchen

Eugénie Brazier

Eugénie Brazier is the mother of modern French cooking. She opened her restaurant, La Mère Brazier, in 1921 and went on to earn six Michelin stars—the only woman to do so until 2009. She became—and still is today—the inspiration and mentor for modern French cooking and leading French chefs, such as Michelin-starred chef Paul Bocuse. Brazier’s amazing abilities in the kitchen turned La Mère Brazier into the most famous restaurant in France—a magical gastronomic experience that drew notables such as Marlene Dietrich and a number of French presidents. Learn more.


Catharina “Toto” Koopman

Catharina “Toto” Koopman—a half-Dutch, half-Indonesian Vogue cover girl and fixture of the Paris fashion and café society—lived with an independent spirit more typical of the men of her generation. Her intelligence—she spoke 6 languages—and irresistible charm led her to become a spy during WWII for the Italian Resistance, which resulted in her imprisonment in a concentration camp by the Nazis (she had previously been caught and escaped—twice). When the camp was liberated, Koopman was nursed back to health by her former lover, Randolph Churchill, and eventually found solace in Erica Brausen, the German art dealer who, with Koopman’s help, launched the career of Francis Bacon. The two women lived out the rest of their lives together, despite homosexuality being a criminal offense in Britain at the time. Learn more.

Misty Copeland
© Gregg Delman

Misty Copeland

When she discovered ballet in 1995, Misty Copeland and her five siblings were sleeping on the floor of a shabby motel room she shared with her family. Beginning her ballet studies at the late age of thirteen, she was performing professionally in just over a year. By 2000, Copeland was invited to join American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company and later became the company’s second African American female Soloist—the first in two decades. In June 2015, she was promoted to principal dancer, making her the first African-American woman to ever be promoted to the position in the company’s 75-year history. Copeland, who was often told her strongly-defined muscles did not fit the “ideal” ballerina body, is breaking down ballet’s racial and physical barriers, raising awareness for diversity in dance and for a more positive self-image. Learn more.

January 2, 2017

Go Beyond Resolutions: A Year of Self-Discovery

Who needs resolutions? All you need for a fresh start is an open mind and a willingness to explore. Why not take the time to learn something new, try out that hobby you’ve been thinking about, or take a trip to a new locale? Below are just a few tips for taking the first steps towards a happier you.
Top image © Sylvie Lancrenon

Take an Inner Journey:

“Everything in your entire life reflects the choices you have made. If you wish for a different result, make a different choice.”

French women reportedly have great genes, but former supermodel and French wellness sensation Estelle Lefébure (author of Flammarion’s Mindful Beauty, seen at top) divulges how they really maintain their fantastic natural looks. Her positive outlook inspires, and she offers a simple, enjoyable path to well-being and looking fabulous forever.

Estelle Lefébure’s Creative Vision of a Better Life:

Suppose we took advantage of long winter evenings to visualize our most deeply desired goals, dreams, and longings. It’s a simple idea; all you do is identify these wishes as clearly as you can and embrace the belief that we have power over our own lives. The subconscious will direct you toward the actions that will transform your aspirations into reality.

And here’s some good news—this exercise in creative visualization costs no more than the price of paper, scissors, and glue. Envisioning success requires no investment whatsoever, except some time and reflection. It’s best to do this on your own, or with close friends, having first collected together old newspapers and magazines.

To begin, decide how you will undertake the project:
Use an entire wall in your home?
A large white or colored piece of cardboard?
A compartmented file that you can easily carry with you?

All you have to do is post drawings, photos, and quotations that inspire you. What makes you dream? Write down words that motivate you. Try to always formulate your thoughts positively, picturing yourself surrounded by abundance rather than deprivation.

The objective is to reflect sincerely and profoundly on your deepest longings, whether in private or professional spheres, in family life, romance, or any other area of your life that is important to you.”

Choose a Healthy Alternative:

Jar Salads_digitalexcerpt-4

Put down that hamburger and try this healthy and delicious lunch idea from Smith Street’s Jar Salads. Who wants a soggy salad? The trick to a perfectly fresh and crisp salad that can be kept in the refrigerator the night before is all about the layering: the dressing at the base, followed by protein or grains, then nuts or seeds, with the leafy greens and herbs on top.

Veggie Taco Salad
Makes 1

1 Lebanese (short) cucumber, diced
90 g (3 oz / 1/2 cup) cooked black beans
2 tablespoons chopped jalapenos
1 tomato, diced
3 tablespoons corn kernels
1/2 avocado, sliced, with lemon juice squeezed over
2 tablespoons shredded cheddar cheese
A handful of chopped coriander (cilantro)
A handful of baby English spinach leaves, to fill

Coriander & Lime Dressing:
3 tablespoons Greek-style yogurt
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
Juice of 1 lime
Large handful of coriander (cilantro), finely chopped
Pinch of caster (superfine) sugar
Sea salt
Mix together. (more…)

November 29, 2016


The holiday season is upon us once again—that time of year when family, food, and fun brings us together in celebration and gift giving. We all strive to find that perfect gift, and no matter who you have on your holiday gift list–be it a fashionista, a pet-lover, a chef, or a design aficionado—Rizzoli has a number of gift books that are sure to please every interest.
Rizzoli invites you to view our list of gift suggestions below, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, be sure to browse the categories at left for hundred’s of additional ideas. Thank you and Happy Holidays from Rizzoli!


Hair by Sam McKnight (Image at top)
A bounty of hairstyles, from nostalgic to androgynous, that have transformed women throughout the past forty years, from the legendary Sam McKnight, one of fashion’s leading hairstylists. With photographs spanning McKnight’s entire career, this book is a dramatic anthology of looks–from retro to androgynous, romantic to sexy, red to platinum–all from the master hairstylist’s deft hand.
Image from Hair by Sam McKnight Left: Jem Mitchell / Sara Blomqvist, Right: Glen Luchford / Tilda Swinton


Celebrating the 75th anniversary of this iconic luxury brand, this book presents a vibrant visual survey of Coach’s American style.

Francois Nars
An invitation into the beautiful and inspiring world of François Nars–makeup artist, photographer, and iconoclast.

Carolina Herrera: 35 Years of Fashion
The first book on the design career of Carolina Herrera, to be released on the occasion of the house’s thirty-fifth anniversary.


A long-awaited and highly intimate visual history of Versace, the glamorous and globally renowned Italian fashion house.

Dior: The Art of Color
This exquisite book takes the reader on a kaleidoscopic journey through the history of makeup, style, and color at the revered fashion house of Dior.

Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style
An intimate look at the famed designer and his work, revealing his artistic process and influence. (more…)

September 11, 2016

New Fall titles from Rizzoli

Now that the lazy days of summer are fading away, it won’t be long before we’ll hear the sound of crisp leaves underfoot and feel the early chill of fall. To help ease this transition, Rizzoli presents a rich collection of new titles to curl up with by the fire.

Enjoy the sampling of our books below or view our full catalog here.



Coach: A Story of New York Cool

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of this iconic luxury brand, this book presents a vibrant visual survey of Coach’s American style.

Coach: A Story of New York Cool

© Nars Cosmetics.

Francois Nars

An invitation into the beautiful and inspiring world of François Nars—makeup artist, photographer, and iconoclast—through an exclusive look at his editorial contributions for leading fashion magazines, personal photography projects, and the groundbreaking vision behind NARS Cosmetics.


January 29, 2016

Spring 2016 Titles from Rizzoli

While we eagerly await the warmth of spring, Rizzoli is pleased to present a sampling of new books that ramp up the anticipation.

We invite you to view a list of forthcoming Spring 2016 books on our Featured Titles page, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, be sure to browse the categories at left for hundred’s of additional titles.

Take a look at this sampling of new titles below.



Brooklyn Interiors
By Kathleen Hackett, Photographed by Matthew Williams
Brooklyn today fosters creative communities as never before, and they have cultivated a renegade approach to style—one rooted in broad-minded eclecticism and independence.

Brooklyn Interiors
Brooklyn today fosters creative communities as never before, and they have cultivated a renegade approach to style—one rooted in broad-minded eclecticism and independence.
Photograph © Matthew Williams

Vicente Wolf SIMON_DSC8080

The Four Elements of Design
From interior design icon Vicente Wolf, an inspirational guide for home decorators to designing unforgettable spaces based on the four natural elements.
Photograph © Vicente Wolf


House Rules
Drawing on examples of her own distinctive, humane modern design, celebrated architect Deborah Berke demonstrates how to create a serene haven for contemporary living.


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