First Look: Rizzoli Spring 2015 Catalog

Though most of us may still be digging out from winter, it won’t be long before the trees begin to bud, the flowers bloom, and Spring will be upon us once again.

In the spirit of renewal, Rizzoli presents to you our newest crop of Spring 2015 titles, including books from:

Long-time Rizzoli authors and subjects like designer Charlotte Moss, the fashion house Louis Vuitton, celebrity baker Mich Turner, and our popular 1001 series;

Interior designers including Rachel Ashwell, founder of Shabby Chic, Windsor SmithIan Schrager, Barbara Westbrook, and Nicky Haslam;

Fashion notables such as actress Chloe Sevigny, creator of New York Fashion week Fern Mallis, hat designer Patricia Underwood, and fashion house Sacai;

Artists including John Singer Sargent, Basquiat, Frida Kahlo and Dustin Yellin;

Architecture and design subjects such as the tudor home, sustainable houses, classical architecture, and Sony electronics;

Pop Culture titles on such entertainers as Bob Dylan, New Order, and Kim Kardashian;

Cookbooks including Breakfast from George Weld of Egg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Real Maine Food from Ben Conniff, cofounder of Luke’s Lobster; and healthy eating from the founders of The Ranch at Live Oak;

And many, many more!

Top image from Highgrove: A Garden Celebrated