Complimentary Summer Reading from Rizzoli

We’re in the thick of it! Whether enjoying the sunshine in our own backyards or working on that travel bucket list, the following excerpts offer tips and inspiration for making the most out of this season.

May on the Farm

Renowned ceramicist Christopher Spitzmiller is known as the ultimate weekend farmer, who raises his own chicks, grows his own flowers, and puts up his own jam, cider, and honey. Each season brings new life to Clove Brook Farm, and Spring is certainly no exception. “[May is] showtime at Clove Brook, and the pace of the next couple of months is like running a marathon. The rewards of months of planning and preparation are finally starting to pay off as the garden springs to life, a result of warmer days and, hopefully, the April showers that encouraged things along.”

The Power of a Flower

Renowned interior designer Charlotte Moss encourages everyone to bring the garden indoors, whether in an inviting cluster of blooms on a guest room’s bedside table, lavish floral displays for parties and holidays, or single stems adding life to any corner of a room. In her new book, she offers endless inspiration in their use as glorious additions to decorating, entertaining, and everyday living.

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A Change of Season—Inside and Out

Summer is a time of renewal when everything around us seems to come to life. That is why it is also the perfect time to awaken our senses to the joy found in the little things. Now that COVID restrictions are relaxing, the warmer weather gives us the opportunity to get outside, reacquaint ourselves with friends and family, and travel away from home for the first time in ages. Whether big or small, these moments should be savored down to each small detail that makes them worthwhile.

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From Joy in the Little Things: Finding Happiness in Style, Home, and the Everyday by fashion and lifestyle illustrator Kerrie Hess

Starting Off Cool…and Staying That Way

As the weather continues to get warmer, so does the temperature in the kitchen. Vanessa Seder—recipe developer, chef, and working mom—has come to the rescue with dishes you won’t hate to cook when it’s already hot as blazes. Inspired recipes focus on low- and no-heat techniques, make-ahead dishes served cold or at room temperature, smart seasonal ingredients to keep your body cool, and vibrant pairings of flavors, textures, and colors.

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Marathons Begin with the First Step

Although Marathons are still on hold, it’s just a matter of time until we’re back at the starting line, side-by-side with our fellow runners. That means now’s the time to take the first step towards finishing that 26.2 miles. No matter your marathon goals, take advantage of the warm Summer months so you’re ready when marathon season is back in full effect.

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From Marathoner: What to Expect When Training for and Running a Marathon

Summer Is In the Air

Not quite sure if you’re ready to jump on a plane and take off? Sure, we’re all a little nervous about getting back into the world but it’s finally time to peek our heads into the clouds. Let the fun, fashion, and glamour of celebrity jet-setters inspire you to put on your runway best because the sky’s the limit!

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From Come Fly with Me: Flying in Style