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September 24, 2012

James Prosek: Ocean Fishes: Paintings of Saltwater Fish

“Ocean Fishes” presents the captivating watercolors of James Prosek, the artist the New York Times calls “the Audubon of the fishing world.”

In this new book, this renowned naturalist, artist, and fisherman captures thirty-five of the most pursued game fish—from striped bass to tarpon, swordfish to bonefish—as well as many creatures that share these marine ecosystems. These rich, highly detailed watercolors painted specifically for this volume to reflect Prosek’s individual experience with each single fish: the artist traveled the world to experience firsthand each species just out of the water before the fish lost their true colors. The original works are life-size portraits (from a 14-inch porgy to a 12-foot blue marlin), and this book includes details from the originals reproduced at full size to give a sense of scale.

This book is a must-have for saltwater anglers, conservationists, art lovers, and anyone passionate about the beauty of the coastline and the mysteries swimming off its shores.
Click here to learn more about Ocean Fishes.

This book is also available in a Limited Edition volume that includes a limited edition print suitable for framing and signed by the artist, James Prosek. The book for the deluxe limited editon will be bound in a special case embossed with the outline of one of Prosek’s iconic fish. The book and print will be nestled together in a beautiful cloth clamshell case featuring a tipped-on image on top and a silk pull ribbon within. Click here to learn more about the Limited Edition of Ocean Fishes.

Painting © James Prosek. All Rights reserved.

September 17, 2012

Behind-the-Scenes at a Photoshoot for Jill Greenberg’s Horses

Best known for her amazingly anthropomorphic and affectionate portraits of monkeys and bears, Jill Greenberg turns her lens to horses for her new photographic collection.

In the beautifully conceived book Horses, Jill Greenberg captures the powerful, romantic, and enigmatic nature of horses in photographs that make these animals all the more otherworldly yet familiar. Transformed by Greenberg’s lens, the horse’s powerful physical beauty becomes a hyper-real vision, and her gorgeous prints seduce us in a subtle manner with their sensuous, painterly textures. Horses were Greenberg’s first muse and love, and for this portfolio she returns to her original inspiration.

Featuring stunning photographs of a range of horse breeds, from Friesians and Andalusians to Arabian stallions, Lusitanos, and thoroughbred performance horses, this book is a gorgeous tribute to these spirited and powerful creatures and the perfect gift for those officially and unofficially devoted to horses, horseback riding, and racing.

Click here to learn more about Horses.

September 14, 2012

Win a Limited-Edition Screen Print from Artist Rob Ryan

PRIZE: Rob Ryan, Because I’m so Happy… Limited edition screenprint, 2012, 20 × 20″ unframed, $400

TAG Fine Arts is kindly giving one lucky winner this limited edition screen print by Rob Ryan, the artist behind Universe Publishing’s 2013 calendar Rob Ryan.

You can enter on the Rizzoli Facebook page here or via your Twitter account here.

One of Britain’s best-loved artists, Rob Ryan is a master of the paper cut, transforming people, plants, animals and cityscapes into evocative illustrative silhouettes. Into these scenes he weaves messages; some amusing, some poignant, and some laced with melancholy. From love letters emerging from romantic silhouettes to touching vignettes that capture profound feelings with a single paper cut, Ryan’s art is a uniquely charming take on the ups and downs of love and life. Drawing inspiration from everything from nature to fairy tales, Rob Ryan’s intricate and delicate papercuts strike the perfect balance between humor and vulnerability, wit and wisdom.

Rob Ryan’s first exhibition in New York City presented by TAG Fine Arts will take place September 18–30, 2012 at SOHOTEL Artspace Gallery. The exhibition will feature a selection of original paper cuts including 12 detailed original paper cuts that form the basis for Rob Ryan’s calendar, and a series of 12 related limited edition prints.

Rob Ryan – Our Adventure Is About To Begin
SOHOTEL Artspace Gallery runs September 18–30, 2012
345 Broome Street | New York | NY 10013

Open Monday – Sunday 11am – 6pm
Opening Reception Tuesday September 18, 6–9pm
For more information about the exhibition, visit: http://www.tagfinearts.com/media/Rob_Ryan_Solo_Exhibition_NYC.pdf

The Rob Ryan calendar is available everywhere that calendars are sold.

To learn more about the Universe calendar program, visit: http://www.rizzoliusa.com/calendars/



September 6, 2012

Rizzoli Celebrates Fashion Week 2012

Fashion Week is upon us once again, that time of year when fashion lovers worldwide look to Lincoln Center in New York City to see top designers showcase their collections. With more than 80 designers showing in 8 days, it is known as the premier event worldwide where style, beauty, supermodels, and celebrities come together to celebrate the best in fashion.

To celebrate Fashion Week 2012, visit our Featured Titles page for a selection of fashion titles, as well as our recently published and top selling books.

Image from Bottega Veneta.

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