The Ultimate List of Father’s Day Books

Unlike gadgets and grilling utensils, books are a personal gift that show you took the time to consider your Father’s interests. With that in mind, we present this curated collection of books in every subject that will show your Father how much you appreciate him.


The Perfect Wine Cellar:
The Ultimate Guide for Great Wine Collectors

This sophisticated volume imagines an ideal wine cellar, celebrating the rarest wines that are sought after by collectors and coveted by enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails

Shannon Mustipher’s exotic cocktails offer a refreshingly modern take on tiki. With original recipes, techniques, tasting notes and recommendations, Tiki is an inspirational resource for cocktail lovers ready to explore fine Caribbean rums.

The American Bar: The Artistry of Mixing Drinks

The classic bar guide that launched a generation of cocktail lovers is back—completely updated. Spanning the cocktail spectrum from classic to contemporary, it includes all the information the cocktail lover or mixologist needs to create the perfect drink in a stylishly retro package.

Choose Your Wine In 7 Seconds:
Instantly Understand Any Wine with Confidence

For anyone who feels intimidated in a wine shop–vast selection, mystifying variety, attitudinal staff–this guide simplifies choosing wine in an easy-to-use system of pictograms.


The Bucket List: Wild:
1,000 Adventures Big and Small: Animals, Birds, Fish, Nature

For anyone who is passionate about wildlife, this bucket list offers around-the-world listings of ways to experience animals and birds in their natural habitats. Fun, life-affirming activities are the focus from action-packed adventures to more relaxing experiences.

101 Art Destinations in the U.S: Where Art Lives Coast to Coast

An art lover’s bucket list of must-see artworks and art. The country’s best artworks and art destinations are presented in interesting, digestible entries featuring the best mix of museums, artists’ studios, murals, sculpture parks, and more, throughout the US.

The Bucket List: Places to Find Peace and Quiet

This inspiring guide is full of ideas and inspirations for travel destinations around the world that invite you to renew yourself physically and spiritually. When it is time to escape from the hectic, hurly-burly of ordinary life, this is where you can find a thousand delightful quiet and peaceful places that encourage you to relax.


The Grand Canyon: Unseen Beauty: Running the Colorado River

The majesty of the Grand Canyon is celebrated from the Colorado River as it continues to carve America’s natural wonder from a mile below the rim. The Grand Canyon captures the power of that journey from the drama of the rapids and the immeasurable scale of the canyon walls to the subtle rock patterns and varied life forms.

The Trails of the Adirondacks: Hiking America’s Original Wilderness

This official book published with the Adirondack Mountain Club celebrates Adirondack Park, home to the largest protected natural area in the lower 48 states–six million acres including more than 10,000 lakes, 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, and thousands of miles of hiking trails running through a wide variety of habitats.

Game: The Chef’s Field to Table Cookbook

Game celebrates the principles of the field-to-fork movement–hunting and preparing fish and game for home tables. Acclaimed chefs bring the reader into their restaurant kitchens to learn how to use game to prepare 100 mouthwatering and world-class dishes.

The Pacific Crest Trail: Hiking America’s Wilderness Trail

This pocket-sized gift and souvenir photo book captures the beauty of America’s quintessential wilderness hiking trail. From desert California to the Washington-Canada border, the compelling photography of Bart Smith brings the entire 2,650-mile trail to life.


Cuba Cooks:
Recipes and Secrets from Cuban Paladares and Their Chefs

Award-winning chef Guillermo Pernot and acclaimed author Lourdes Castro unveil authentic Cuban recipes for home cooks, celebrating the bold flavors, creative techniques, and unique inspirations of the country’s finest paladares.

The Recipe: Classic Dishes for the Home Cook from the World’s Best Chefs

Michelin-starred chef Josh Emett brings together more than 300 of the most important classic recipes by 150 of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. Taken together, this is a compendium of the crème de la crème of blue ribbon cooking from the world’s top restaurants.

Roots: Farm to Table Recipes from The Black Swan, a Restaurant in the English Countryside

Britain’s youngest Michelin-starred chef shares over 100 unique seasonal recipes from his family farm and pub–as well as stories and ideas about growing, foraging, and preserving.


Vintage Living:
Creating a Beautiful Home with Treasured Objects from the Past

Vintage lifestyle expert and interior designer Bob Richter shows us how to find the best vintage treasures and how living with them brings beauty, comfort and personal meaning into our homes.

Making Rooms Your Own:
Lessons from Interior Designers

An invitation to enter the residences of some of the top interior designers in the world–see their style and practicality in action, and adopt some of their winning ways.

Houses: Atelier AM

Following up on their much-heralded first volume of interiors, this new publication presents the next evolution of Atelier AM–virtuosos of mixing antiques and museum-quality artworks with pedigreed design.

Farrow and Ball: Recipes for Decorating

The experts at Farrow & Ball have created a guide to color combinations created for every room of the home. At the heart of the book are fifteen case studies of inspirational interiors which reveal how selecting the right range and combination of colors creates a harmonious whole.


Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity

Photographer Jimmy Nelson has traveled the world with his camera, visiting some of its most remote and ancient cultures. The bright, colorful, ecstatic feeling that comes through in the resulting photographs demonstrate the unique beauty of all the varieties of human life.

Animal Kingdom: A Collection of Portraits

Acclaimed photographer Randal Ford’s arresting studio portraits capture the beauty, power, and even humor of 150 furry and feathered species, revealing the individual character of the other animals that share the Earth with us.

African Twilight:
The Vanishing Rituals and Ceremonies of the African Continent

Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have journeyed across Africa, covering disappearing rituals and ceremonies from some of the most inaccessible corners of the continent. No other book like this exists or can ever be created again, as more than 40 percent of what has been documented here has already vanished.


100 Speeches That Changed the World

The history of the world as witnessed through the most inspiring, rousing, and memorable speeches ever given. A celebration of the power of spoken rhetoric at its finest, this book profiles the words of the world’s greatest public speakers.

Image: King George VI–the real life king that inspired the movie The King’s Speech–announcing the declaration of war to the nation in September 1939

Scrawl: An A to Z of Famous Doodles

Sketches, drawings, and scribbles from the private letters and notebooks of some of the greatest names in history. The perfect reflection of the eclectic and storied cast of characters from whose archives they’ve been collected over the years.

Image: Postcard from photographer Ansel Adams


Addison Mizner: Architect of Fantasy and Romance

This book explores Mizner’s legacy through the extraordinary houses and other structures he built. Known for their beauty, opulence, and fantastic detail, the houses and buildings stand as monuments to grand living and romance made in stone and iron, stucco and tile.

Outdoor Design: Projects and Plans for a Stylish Garden

Award-winning designer Matt Keightley presents gardens created either by him or by other leading contemporary designers. Each case study discusses the goal or inspiration for the design and includes a detailed plan, a design checklist, and information on the materials and plants used complete them.

Hollywood Modern: Houses of the Stars: Design, Style, Glamour

This book looks at the homes of Hollywood stars, from Grouch Marx to Leonardo DiCaprio, designed by great architects for their informed, trend-setting, and extremely famous clients, in Southern California. Included are gorgeous photos of the houses as well as little seen informal portraits of the everyday lives of legends.

Art Deco:
The Twentieth Century’s Iconic Decorative Style from Paris, London, and Brussels to New York, Sydney, and Santa Monica

Stunning photographs of the finest examples of Art Deco from all over the world, Art Deco features much careful and exacting detail, and of special interest in this book are photos that zoom in on murals, mosaics, flooring, ironwork, and other ornamental flourishes.


TV USA: An Atlas for Channel Surfers

TV USA is the first ever fully illustrated atlas of the real-world restaurants, businesses, and notable locations featured in everyone’s favorite television shows–the perfect guided tour for the whole family, without the trauma of having your dad threaten to turn the car around.


Design: Vignelli:
Graphics, Packaging, Architecture, Interiors, Furniture, Products

The graphics, interiors, and products designed by Vignelli Associates are internationally recognized for their refined aesthetics, evolving modernity, and crisp execution. This landmark volume is devoted to Massimo and Lella Vignelli’s influential work produced since the 1960s.

Pagani Hypercars: More

The first book on the body of work of Horacio Pagani, a true visionary, with spectacular photographs that transform Pagani’s extreme sports cars into unique and fascinating entities. A must-have book for all car and sports lovers.

Less Is More (Difficult): 20 Years of Design at Blu Dot

A celebration of twenty years of design, philosophy, and inspiration from the renowned American furniture brand Blu Dot, winner of the 2018 National Design Award for Product Design from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.


Stan Smith: Some People Think I’m A Shoe

The first definitive volume that celebrates the best-selling Adidas sneaker with a cultlike global following. This all-access volume demonstrates that the personality of the shoe has everything to do with Stan the Man.

Nike SB: The Dunk Book

The first book on Nike’s iconic DUNK SB, a mid-rise basketball court staple that has in the last two decades become an icon of skate and street wear. Worn by an ever-growing list of elite riders at competitions all over the world, Nike Dunks are prized as much for their funky, one-of-a-kind designs as well as their high performance.