Presenting the Rizzoli Ex Libris Fall 2013 List

Rizzoli is proud to present our newest imprint Rizzoli ex Libris, an imprint dedicated to publishing up-market literary fiction and nonfiction with a transatlantic character.

From Rizzoli Ex Libris Senior Editor, Alessandra Lusardi:

For years Rizzoli International has been proud to publish the very best in illustrated books devoted to art & design, fashion, food, travel, and culture, from homegrown American stars as well as standouts from our sister imprints in Europe. With Rizzoli Ex Libris we are thrilled to be able to deepen the reading aspect of the Rizzoli experience in these categories, with narratives from all over the world that do with words what our designed books do so wonderfully with images. Already home to titles from such distinguished literary and cultural figures as Oriana Fallaci, Beppe Severgnini, Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini, and Hermès perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, Rizzoli Ex Libris will expand to publish about ten titles per year, with our first full roster debuting this fall.

The Many Lives of Miss K: Toto Koopman

Model, Muse, Spy

Written by Jean-Noel Liaut, Translated by Denise Raab Jacobs


A life of glamour and tragedy, set against the watershed cultural and political movements of twentieth-century Europe.

“Liaut’s exuberant telling reads like that of a spectacularly well-connected Bond girl. The result is a tabloid account of a truly remarkable life.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“The Many Lives of Miss K., by Jean-Noel Liaut is a fascinating read. There is nothing missing in terms of accuracy and delicious recounting of the history itself. And although at times it reads quite factually, the book is chock-full of very personal, insightful, brow-raising, shocking, and extremely interesting information, that I just could not put this down. The Many Lives of Miss K.: A definite page-turner that unfolds the life of a spectacular individual whose life could not be more incredible if it were fiction!” —Enchanted by Josephine

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The Consolations of the Forest

Alone in a Cabin on the Siberian Taiga

Written by Sylvain Tesson, Translated by Linda Coverdale


A meditation on escaping the chaos of modern life and rediscovering the luxury of solitude.

“I love travel memoirs, the more exotic and extreme the better. And what could be more extreme than spending six months alone in a cabin in Siberia with your closest neighbors a day’s hike away? Winner ofthe Prix Medicis for nonfiction, The Consolations of the Forest: Alone in a Cabin on the Siberian Taiga recalls Sylvain Tesson’s experiment in isolation and solitude on Russia’s Lake Baikal with only his notebooks, his books, and many bottles of vodka to keep him company: “I’d promised myself that before I turned forty, I would live as a hermit deep in the woods.” Besides chopping wood for his stove, fishing, and skating on the lake, Tesson spent a lot of time reading from his carefully selected library of 70 titles. “When you have misgivings about the poverty of your inner life, it’s important to fill that void m a pinch,” he writes. A philosophy with which I agree wholeheartedly.” —Library Journal, Editor’s Pick

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Forever Chic

Frenchwomen’s Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance

Written by Tish Jett


For any woman who last saw forty on her speedometer comes a sparkling new primer for aging—the French way—with grace and style.

“Cotillard and Dujardin are French, who we’ve long known have that special allure. Haven’t you always wondered how they can drink all that wine and eat all that beurre and remain slim and silky? Now comes a book that helps explain why. Forever Chic, written by Tish Jett (an American who spent years abroad) shares the secrets of what she calls the French “timeless beauty, style and substance.” She spills some of their beauty secrets but also gets to the core of what makes them seem more comfortable in their skin. “A Frenchwoman knows her strengths, conceals her weaknesses and also never — except with her closest friend s– talks about her fears, failures or flaws. They know that a soupcon of mystery is magic.” —Huffington Post

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The Book of Legendary Lands

Written by Umberto Eco


A fascinating illustrated tour of the fabled places in literature and folklore that have awed, troubled, and eluded us through the ages.

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The Reach of Rome

A Journey Through the Lands of the Ancient Empire, Following a Coin

Written by Alberto Angela, Translated by Gregory Conti


In this unconventional and accessible history, Italian best-seller Alberto Angela literally follows the money to map the reach and power of the Roman Empire.

“The delightful thing about a good popular history is that the writing seems to flow more easily and the author has more freedom to play with language. The technical focus of academic publications can be intense and can render the work inscrutable to outsiders – The Reach of Rome strips all that away, and simply delivers the history, playing with fictional narrative and all the scope it offers to connect directly to readers and make the history accessible… The Reach of Rome presses all the right buttons. It’s descriptive, it’s imaginative, and it’s evocative, engaging the senses to immediately and effectively weave a vision in the mind’s eye of ancient times and people both familiar and strange.” —Goodreads

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The Silence of the Wave

Written by Gianrico Carofiglio, Translated by Howard Curtis


A stand-alone thriller from best-selling Italian crime writer Gianrico Carofiglio, whose work has been translated into twenty-four languages.

“A desperate search for human connection is at the heart of this moving novel from Carofiglio.” —Publisher’s Weekly

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